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Drawing Down The Moon

Good Morning Everyone, Today’s post is a bit early but tonight we are going to be busy preparing for the exeprience of a lifetime. Drawing down the moon is a wonderful experience, we have done it several times & each time it is different. We highly recommend you try it for yourself.

Drawing down the moon is a powerful psychic and magickal experience. When you focus on the light of the moon you are actually drawing the Goddess into your own body. Lunar energy is intuitive, magnetic, and receptive. It is a force of nature and tapping into this power is a transformative experience.

This is a silent ritual and requires no tools or props other then yourself and a full moon. This is an intuitive and personal experience that will mark a significant step in your journey. There are no words needed, although if you would like you can say a few words in greeting the Goddess, “Hello Goddess” works fine. This is much more heartfelt then trying o remember a long poem for the occassion. Just be yourself & follow your insights.

The following steps are straight forward and simple. I have taken them directly from Ellen Dugan’s Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal, & Practical Magick.

1.) Step outside and stand under the light of the moon.

2.) Ground and center yourself. Imagine that your feet are like roots of a tree, and sink them down into the earth. Visualize that any stress you may be carrying is draining away to be absorbed back harmlessly into the earth. Now see the the earth is in turn sending you retvitalizing energy. Raise up your arms, and stretch out your fingers. Take a nice deep cleansing breath and blow ot out slowly.

3.) Next, you may stand with your hands loosely at your sides, holdig your hands palms up.

4.) Now open up your chakras . Light up those seven energy centers, strech out your psychic feelings, and open yourself up to the Goddess and her illumination.

5.) Tip your face to the light of the moon, and envision pulling some of that luminosity an power down and inside yourself. Give yourself a few moments, and feel the difference that it makes. For example, if you are feeling down and self-conscious, you will likely stnd taller and be more confident after drawing down the moon. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, you’ll notice that your shoulders relax, and you will feel more at peace when you are finished. You may feel a shivery and tingling connection with other Witches from all over the world. Or you may feel a comforting warmth surrounding you, like an astral hug, telling you that She is looking down on you and smiling. Enjoy the sensations for a while.

6.) Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Now zip your chakras closed with a quick arm motion from your mid-thigh area to over the top of your head. Ground and center again. Relax.

7.) Whisper a “thank you” to the Goddess. Return indoors.

Hope you all enjoy this amazing experience. Over the next few days we will be posting about the phases of the moon and some really cool spells that you can do at this time, so be sure to come back & check them out. Have a great day and a wonderful full moon experience.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miricalesnmagic@comcast.net


One Response to “Drawing Down The Moon”

  1. I tried this last Tuesday, it was totally amazing. I felt that comforting warmth you talked about. It was the best experience of my life.

    I have also noticed a difference in my psychic abilities since then; my intuituon has always been strong, but lately it has been stronger.

    Btw, I totally love your blog and will be back. You have some wonderful infomation on here.

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