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Spells for the Four Phases of the Moon

Hey everyone hope you all have a great day. Today we are going to show you a really cool spell for each phase of the moon. We have taken these spells from Ellen Duggan’s Natural Witchery Intuitive, Personal, & Practical Magick. They are fun and easy to do.

First here is a list of the supplies you will need:

A white tealight candle
A clear candleholder cup
A small magnet (to represent the moon’s magentism and “pull” in your life)
A lighter or matches
A safe, flat surface to set up on

Set the candles inside the candleholder, and place the magnet in front of it. If you choose, you can jazz up the spell with sliver glitter sprinkled on your work surface. Or how about a silver and white alter cloth, or fresh white flowers tucked in a vase? Try fragrant flowers such as white roses, lilies, freesia or, daisies.

Once you have things arranged to your liking, take a moment to ground and center. Visualize all the fresh energies that the moon in her various phases provides. When you are ready, light the candle and repeat the spell corresponding to the moon phase you are in, three times. Allow the candle to burn out in a safe place when you are finished. Please note: tealights take about 4 hours to burn.

First Quarter Moon Spell

This lunar spell encourages fresh starts and helps you sense the magnetic and feminine powers of the moon. At this time, your psychic abilities will begin to burgeon out and your emapthy will increase.

              Increase my sensitivity during this first lunar phase

              Bringing fresh starts and inspired magick into all my days

             Lunar powers are magnetic, they do pull  in positive change

             May the Maiden goddess hear my call and bless me in many ways.

Second Quarter Moon Spell

This lunar spell calls you to ride the psychic wave with the increasing lunar energies and light of the moon as it grows fuller each night. This is a good “opening spell” to use in a ritual throughout this waxing lunar phase.

            As the moon rolls through its second phase, magick will surely grow.

             The gifts of sight, dreams, and intuition now begin to flow.

             Bless my spells with extra power , may I use my gifts wisely,

           While the Mother’s moon waxes full, shining love straight down on me.


Third Quarter Moon Spell

The following lunar spell works in harmony with the waning moon. This is the point in time where you work magick to remove obstacles and problems. This is the time of the clairaudient’s greatest powers, so focus those psychic ablilities internally and listen carefully for messages and widsom. The magick is inside you. Be still, and let it unfold.

                  As the moon starts to wane, the third lunar cycle begins

                 So look quietly witihn, reflect, and soul-search again.

                 Work to remove problems now, spell’s I’ll carefully weave,

                 As the moon grows smaller, so too will my troubles leave.

Fourth Quarter Moon Spell

Finbally, here is a spell for the final phase of the moon. This is the Crone’s moon, and at this time you psychic gifts may be at thier strongest. As the energy turns to the hushed, waiting mode, it doesn’t mean it’s gone, just that it is extermely focused and internal. So if your aren’t paying attention, you may not pick up on those psychic impressions. If this is a problem for you, ask the wise old Crone for her assistance. As far as magick is concerned,t his is the time to deal with those more serious issues. Chek out the fianl line of this spell and adjust as necessary for your purposes; for example the word “protection” can easily be switched to “banishing”.

               The Crone’s moon grows smaller at the passing of each eve.

             For this magick to work, if myself I must believe.

              Charms performed now require a wisdom most sublime

               The protection spell is now cast, sealed up with a rhyme.

Hope you all give these spells a try, Enjoy!!!! See you all tomorrow. We might switch up and go with something a little different tomorrow so be sure to come back & check it out.


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    Spells for the Four Phases of the Moon | Miracles N Magic

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