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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Hello everyone, Hope you are all having a good day. Today’s post is going to be about Gemini. The chart below was taken from Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.

Duality: Masculine

Triplicity (Element): Air

Quadruplicity (Quality): Mutable; Gemini is lively, energetic, versatile, and intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions, and is extremely adaptable to new situations.

Ruling Planet: Mercury; Ancient messenger of gods. In astrology, Mercury rules communication and travel. Its influence emphasizes quick cleverness and a nervous temperament.

Symbol: The Twins; associated with duality, humanism, versatility, communication.

Glyph (Written Symbol): The pictograph represents to two figures of the Twins. The dual symbol als pictures the human arms or lungs. In symbolic terms, two upright lines bounded by top and bottom lines represent wisdom, learning, and the powers of the mind to synthesize information.

Dominant Keyword: I Think

Polarity: Sagittarius; Gemini is the sign of thought and communication on a personal level. Natives of Gemini strive self-expression, and try to impose their point of view on others. Sagittarius, which is Gemini’s opposite sign, is the sign governing the wider provenance of philosophy and mental exploration. Sagittarian people tend to shrink from close personal involvement and, unlike Gemini, are shaped by what others think or them.

Part of the Body Ruled by Gemini: Hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs; Geminis are susceptible to strains and accidents involving arms and hands; also prone to bronchitis and respiratory ailments.

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 9

Magical Birthstone: Agate; A mulitcolored precious stone that protects from deception and falsehood, and bestows eloquence, especially in declarations of love.

Special Color: Yellow; bright and luminous, the color of novelty

Cities: London, San Francisco, Versailles, Melbourne

Countries: United States, Wales, Belgium

Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Lavender

Trees: Nut-bearing trees

Metal: Mercury

Animals Ruled by Gemini: Brightly colored birds and butterflies

Danger: Gemini people are prone to accidents while traveling, especially by air. Their fickle natures also tends to arouse unexpected anger in others, the depth of which Geminis often misjudge.

Most Likable Trait: Responsiveness

If you have any questions or want to know anything else about Geminis feel free to email us at miraclenmagic@comcast.net


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