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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

 Hello everyone, hope you all had a safe & happy halloween. As promised today’s post is going to be about our next Sun Sign…Scorpio. The chart below was taken from Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.

Duality: Feminine

Triplicity (Element): Water

Quadruplicity (Quality): Fixed; Scorpio is imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate, and unyeilding.

Ruling Planet: Pluto; Ancient god of the netherworld and of the dead. In astrology, Pluto rules regenerative forces, and the beginnings and ends of phases in life.

Symbol: The Scorpion: A secertive, deadly creature that can poison its enemies. Its sting is often fatal.

Glyph (Written Symbol): The pictograph is the stinger of the Scorpion connected to a represention of the human reproductive system. This was the symbol in ancient times for the phoenix, bird of immortality and regeneration. In symbolic terms, the curved lines and arrow represent strong emotions tied to practicality and aiming toward higher consciousness.

Dominant Keyword: I Desire

Polarity: Taurus; Scorpio is the sign of inheritance and legacies. Its natives are given a sense of purpose and destiny, and find truest happiness in dispensing their life-force to tohers. Taurus is the sign of possessions and owning, and people born under this sign want to possess, collect, and have. They will not easily let go of what belongs to them.

Part of the Body Ruled By Scorpio: The gentials; Scorpio people are susceptible to infections or the urinary system and veneral disease. In addition, their volatile emotions are often the cause of exhaustion and ill health.

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Numbers: 2 and 4

Magical Birthstone: Topaz; Releases occult powers and brings serenity or mind. It protects from enemies and illness.

Special Colors: Crimson, Burgandy, Maroon; the glowing colors of passion.

Cities: Liverpool, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Newcastle

Countries: Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Tahiti

Flowers: Chrysanthemum and Rhododendron

Metal: Plutonium

Animals Ruled By Scorpio: Insects and crustaceans

Danger: Scorpio poeple evoke anger in others by thier secretiveness and jealously. Their sharp, stinging tempers can also enrage others to the point of violence.

Most Likable Trait: Idealism

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