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The History of the I-Ching

Good morning everyone, hope you all have a wonderful day. Today we are going to discuss a new topic, the World’s Oldest Oracle… The I (pronounced “ee”) Ching.

In Chinese the word I in I-Ching means change. Changed is one of our most basic principles, it is the one thing that is constant. The word Ching means book. So I-Ching translates to Book of Change, it is one of the few books that has survived from the beginning of Chinese history, The I-Ching is believed to be the oldest method of divination in the world. The I-Ching was first used between 1000 and 500 B.C. by shamans, magicians, priests, and soothsayers.

For thousands of years wise people have used the I-Ching to understand the nature of the influences in situations, and to act correctly without having any doubts. You don’t have to be one of these wise people to use the I-Ching, it is very simple. We all have intuitive abilities, even if we haven’t yet learned to use them. Using the I-Ching can help you to unlock these abilities & allow you to have new & deeper insights into life’s inevitable questions.

The word divination comes from the Latin word divus, which means divine or sacred The Chinese believed that to consult the I-Ching was to communicate with the universe’s spiritual forces. However, in the West we tend to not believe what we can’t prove & our usual cause & effect view of the world. Many things happen that can’t be explained, such as you think about a friend & suddenly that friend calls.

The I-Ching works on the basis of what we call synchronicity, the explicable coincidences of life. The word was coined by renowned 20th century European philosopher & psychologist, Carl Jung. The word syn means “together” and chronos “time”: together in time According to Jung “Synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space & time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers.”

Using the I-Ching is synchronicity in action. All the possible conditions that are represented in the I-Ching by 64 images in life. When we toss the coins (see below) we open ourselves up to accepting what the universe has to offer. We ask our question & the wisdom of the universe responds through the coins. It is the gift of the I-Ching to interpret the meaning of the pattern of the I-Ching

You can be your own psychic advisor. Here are some simple instructions that will help you to make important decisions in your life immediately. Of course you will need to oracle book to interpret the meaning of the coins but we here at Miracles n Magic will be willing to help you with that, just toss your coins & email us the results along with your question & we will be more then happy to tell you its meaning.

The first step is to find six coins all equal in size, 5 of one kind & 1 of another. We reccommand using 5 pennies & 1 dime. The odd cion (the dime) will have a special significance in your reading.

Next take your time, and think about your question. Once you have the question clearly in your mind write it down.

Now, with a sincere attitude & an open mind, hold the coins, relax and take a few slow deep breaths. Shake the coins and drop them on a hard surface.

Next is the tricky part, you want to push the coins into a vertical column. Be sure to keep them in roughly the same order in which they fall. You now have a random assortment of heads and tails the represents the hexagram or image of change. This is the answer to your question

Here is were you will need the Orcale book to determine the answer so, just email us the assortment of heads & tails that you came up with & your question. Also, let us know which position the dime is in because as stated above this plays a significant role in your answer. When counting the position of the dime start at the bottom & move up.

One of our readers, Celestial Powers,  has a few examples of what an I-Ching reading looks like, so check them out. As always if you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


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