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The Tao: Understanding Yin & Yang

Hello everyone, hope you all have a great day.  It’s cold & rainy here, perfect weather to stay curled up in bed, wish is exactly what I wish I could do. Today we are going to continue with the I-Ching and discuss Yin and Yang.  Albert Einstein described it best when he wrote “There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by feeling for the order lying behind appearance.”

The easiest way to describe the universe is to simply say that it “is” The Chinese called this the Tao. Saying that the universe just is isn’t enough, we need to define the difference in this “is-ness” so that we can understand the world around us. The Chinese call these differences Yin & Yang.

Although never kept entirely seperate, we differentiate, she from he, black from white, inside form outside. There is always a continuous movement between the two, like day moving into night. As absolutes are unobtainable, within the black there is always some white & vica versa. This is the nature of Yin & Yang.

Yin is receptive: relaxed, open, flexible. It is the time before making a decision, when all is still in the realm of possibilities & dicoveries. It is also the state of fluidity, spacious & vast; an ocean of primal chaos. Physically, yin is responsive, pliable, the energy flowing freely. Emotionally, it is generous, open-hearted, and pleasing. Intellectually, it is broad-minded & interested in new ideas.

Extreme Yin is inclined to be passive & vague. Physically, it is flaccid & weak. Emotionally, it is anxious & vulnerable. Intellectually, is it indecisive & uncertain.

Yang is active: excited, projecting, decisive. It is the time when a decision has been made, the actuality; for example the Big Bang exploding our universe into existence. Physically, yang is strong & firm. Emotionally, yang is confident & certain. Intellectually, yang is enterprising & inflexible.

Extreme yang is inclined to be dominating & rigid. Physically, it is tense & tight. Emotionally, it is bossy & aggressive. Intellectually, it is prejudiced & inflexible.

Eventually, extremes will turn to their opposite, as with the continus motion of the pendulum. Once we understand this universal law, our lives will flow with a greater ease & tranquillity.

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