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The Souls of the Dead

Good morning everyone, hope you all i have great day. I am not feeling good today, so posting early so I can go back to bed & get some rest. We are going to be busy tomorrow & Tuesday, getting everything in place so that we can get our domain up & running by the beginning of the year. Today we are going to talk about Spiritualism.

In the science of physics there is a universal principle that nothing is lost. Meaning that matter can be transformed into energy or energy can be transformed into matter, but no substance of any kind simply disappears into nothingness. The same principle can be applied to special forms of energy which are associated with the non-material or spiritual world.

What happens to the Souls of the Dead? This question has been debated for several millennia. The answer is different from culture to culture, but one thing that we all agree on is that these souls are not lost, but do in fact continue an existence in some other form. Both religion & science, in all their many forms, agree that there is a continuity of energy from one plane of existence to another.

The most basic definition of Spiritualism is an attepmt to tap into the energy that reamins from people who are no longer living as physical beings on this planet. Where ever you believe that they haved moved onto, it has become cler to the spiritualist that something very real & specific has been left  behind, something which we are able, under the right circumstances, to make contact.

The crucial difference between the spiritual energy of a living person & one who has passed on, simply has to do with if that energy is associated with a physical body. Spirutualists have adopted the terms incarnate & discarnate to distinguish between the two basic types of beings. A discarnate being in longer asscoiated with a physical body and an incarnate being is.

Hope this helps you understand Spiritualism a little more, be sure to come back tomorrow for anonther exciting topic. If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


2 Responses to “The Souls of the Dead”

  1. Hope you are better soon. Very sensible information given. I market a CD-ROM called ‘Spiritualism Explained-An Interactive Teaching Aid’. Many people have found this a useful tool, and being interactive, they can contact others using the links. If you go to E-Bay, and look for member Spiricom0, you will find it always listed. There is space for you to appear on this CD if you wish; it will provide you with additional viewers to get this blog going. It is always difficult to get members. This may increase your chances.Spiricom0.

  2. Thank you I am feeling much better. It was one hell of a cold. Checking your CD out, if I like it I will be contacting you about appearing on it & I will recommend it to my readers as well.

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