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What Is An Out of Body Experience?

Good morning everyone, I feeling a little better today. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Today,  We decided to talk about Out of Body Expereinces or OBEs. In today’s post we will tell you a little bit about OBEs, how to induce one & we will also give you a real life story about one that one of our very own here at Miracles n Magic experienced.

An OBE is an experience that involves the sensation that your are floating outside of your body. The term Out of Body Experience was first introduced by Robert Monroe in 1971, as a bias-free alternative to “astral projecting” or “spirit walking” Although the term usefully distances researchers from the scientifically problematic concepts such as the soul, scientists still don’t know much about the phenomenon. OBE’s are often part of near death experiences & sometimes lead to astral projection. Some people that have experienced OBE’s have claimed to have seen details that were not known to them before the experience. 1 out of 10 people has had an OBE at some point in their life.

In some cases, the phenomenon occurs spontaneously, other times it is associated with physical or mental trauma, the use of psychedelic drugs, dissociative drugs, or a dream-like state. There have been many techniques on how to induce an OBE, here is one that we have found useful:

1. Lie flat on your back, with your arms loosely by your sides & your head supported on a pillow. Relax & sense your body becoming lighter with every exhalation. Enjoy the pleasant feeling of numbness as you begin to uncoil the silver umbilical cord of etheric energy that binds your subtle to its physical counterpart.

2. Feel the warmth spreading across your stomach & permeating your lower back easing any tension & resistance caused by anxiety or stress. If you have any emotional blockages caused by unpleasant memories of your birth, or connected with your death in a previous life, this will release them.

3. Now focus again on your breathing and, with each exhalation, sense that you are forming a cushion of etheric under your body. You can float away on this & leave your problems behind.

4. Feel yourself rising from the floor, safe in the knowledge that you are secured by the silver umbilical cord.

5. Remember that you are in control at times & can return to your body at will.

And know for the real life experience; This was the First OBE for our very own Guilia, one of the founding partners here at Miracles n Magic.

“I remember my dream felt as though I was watching a movie. I literally felt my body lift my bed. I saw the silver umbilial cord uncurl as I floated up higher. I felt like I was flying, kinda like Wendy in Peter Pan. Then all of a sudden I felt my body fall onto the bed. It felt like a “soft plump”, kinda like if you were jumping up & down on the bed & you fell. For me it was just the feeling, I don’t remember much of the dream itself.”

Have a great day everyone. As always if you haved any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcas.net. Also please don’t be afraid to share your experiences with us, either here as a comment or email them to us. Hope to here from you soon.


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