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In Memory of an Angel

Hello everyone, Today’s post is going to be in memory of a good friend of ours. One year ago today, Christine Ayotte Mcgee was taken from this world in the cruelest way possible. She was murdered by her estranged husband. The father of her little boy, a man that she loved & trusted.

Christine was the most beautiful person, she always saw the good in people & was loved by everyone she meet. Christine was truly an angel. She is missed by many, but will always remain in our hearts. We love you Christine, we always will.

Rest in Peace Christine.



3 Responses to “In Memory of an Angel”

  1. God Bless this wonderful girl and hope she is finally resting in peace.

  2. She was an angel. Miss you girl. You will never be forgotten, you will always be in out hearts.

  3. Thank you celestialpowers, she was a wonderful girl. We all miss her alot.

    Gina your couldn’t be more right she will remain in our hearts always.

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