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Wishing Tree

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day. I am still trying to kick this cold. It’s a nasty one, totallt kicking my butt. Today, we are going to talk abou the Wishing Tree. Yes, the tradition of the ‘wishing-tree’ really exists in many real-life locales as well as in fiction.

Sometimes a tree will become known as magical because something significant happens near it, anything from historical events to deaths. There is also a tradition of sweethearts pledging their love beneath certain trees, thus making them their personal wishing-trees.

If you come upon a local wishing-tree, put both your hands on it and look up in the branches as you make your wish. You can find them in the British Isles, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Another way to make a wish on a wishing-tree shold you come across one is to, walk around it backwards three times while silently repeating the same wish three times.

Did you know that you can turn a mature, full-grown elm into a wishing-tree, just  walk around it backwards three times before making your wish? This tradition is common in England.

If you and a partner can reach around the trunk of a full-grown pine tree and touch hands, you can each make a wish while looking up into the branches. The thicker the trunk, the more powerful the chance of the wish coming true. This is tradition is common in North Carolina.

As you plant a new tree, make a wish that is not selfish or personal. The more significant the wish, the better the chance that the wish will come true. (If the tree dies, so does any chance of the wish coming true.) A lone tree of one variety surrounded by a stand of some other variety is said to be charmed; touch it lightly with your fingers and close your eyes as you silently make your wish, then silently chant: ‘Tree of wishes, bring your power to bear on my wish.

So, everyone go out & find a wishing tree and starting makeing thosee wishes. Hope they come true. If you have any questions feel free to email us @ miraclesnmagic@comcast.net

Check out our Daily Wish Guide for more wishes. It is updated daily so be sure to keep checking back.


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