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The Meanings of the Houses

Hi all, hope you all have a great day.  Today, I am going to explain the meanings of the astrological houses. Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to the houses, I know the first
time I heard it I was. Honestly it’s not really that hard. Here is a brief explanation of each of the houses:

The First House is the House of Self. It is the most personal & most powerful House. in your chart. It is sign that was ascending over the horizon the moment that you were born.
It is the astrological space that represents the self and
the impression that you make on other people. Often this house indicates your personal features, especially your head and face. It denotes what you want in life & how you achieve it, for this reason it is sometimes called the house of self-interest. The place your your chart where this house begins is the most important place in calculating your horoscope because it determines where all the other houses will follow. It is thought of as a giant lens where the rest of your chart is seen & interpreted.

The Second House it called the House of Money & Possessions. It represents how you handle your possessions and material matters such as money, objects that you like to surround yourself with & the things that you physically take with you through your life. This house also describes what  you are capable of earning and what you are willing to do to survive as well. Some astrologers call it the “house of self-esteem.”

The Third House is the House of Comunication. It corresponds to your neighborhood, your local
influences and your daily routines. It symbolizes those activities that you do without much conscious thought,  your education and reveals information about siblings and other close influences. It also governs the way you speak, think & write. Logic, memory & manual skill are its domain. This house often indicates the kind of education that you recieved early in life & your ability to study & learn. Another thins governed by the Third House is short trips & the vehicles for this type of travel, espically  the travel you do for work or education.

The Fourth House is called the House of Home. It is the symbolic house of your heritage and
ancestry; your past present & future. It reveals your habits, your childhood and information about your parents & your relationship to them. It also rules domesticity and the way you decorate your home. This house also describes how private you are and your where you store the emotional memories that motivate you unconsciously. It also rules whether or not you will buy or sell real estate in your
lifetime. Another thing ruled by this house is the closing years of your life, the kind of security you will seek in old age. It is one of the more mystical houses in your chart, it represents the things that you keep protected & secluded from the rest of the world, the place you call home both emotionally & physically.

The Fifth House is called the House Of Creativity & Sex.  This is the area in your chart that deals with the side of you that loves to play, the kid in you. Its nickname should be the “House of Fun” , since it represents the charming, creative and joyful side of you as well as your hobbies, interests and favorite
pastimes. Your sexual nature, the most basic creative part of your psyche, is a big part of this houses domain. It also relates to entertainment, holidays, amusements, & the arts. Your love life, new undertakings in life, speculations & gambles and games of chance are also ruled by this house. This is where you express you artistic talents as well as your ability to enjoy yourself in life. Your childhood pets & playmates are part of this house, it holds sway of all the things that you give affection to instinctively. It is the house of your heart.

The Sixth House is called the House of Service & of Health.This house is also sometimes called the House of service to others, it indicates your need to be useful in the world & to help others. In th old days, this was the hosue that governed a person’s attitude towards their servants & those that were inferior to them socially. In today’s society this house rules your co-workers, your subordinates & your employers. It is also the house that relates to your state of health, especiallly to illnesses brough on by worry or emotional upsets. It oftens signifies whether you have a robust or deleciate immune system & what kinds of diseases you may be subject to.

The Seventh House is The House of Partnership & Marriage. It relates to your husband, wife or the partner that you choose to live your life with. Often it will indicate what kind of marriage you  will have & whether you will divorce or remarry. It is also the house of partnerships that you will have in work, business, legal affairs & sometimes in politics. This is the house that covers the legal contracts that you enter into & both sides of a question or dispute. It concerns your abiloity to work harmoniously with others. This house contradicts itself in the way that is also represents what astrologers your open ememies, those who are usually your adversaries in the business world. The Seventh House is the opposite of the First House, it is here that you blend your personality with others in order to pursure shared goals.

The Eighth House is The House of Death & Regeneration. It is one of te three mystical houses in your chart and is one of the most difficult to understand. It is sometimes called the hose of spiritual transformation. It rules the life forces that surround sex, birth, death, & the afterlife. This house concerns your legacies & what you inherit from loved ones who have passed on, both materially & spiritually. Also part of this house’s domain is money that belongs to your partner, taxes & debt. It may also give you the conditions that could surround your death, although the exact time remains to be a mystery. Since surgery relates regeneration, it is ruled by this house.  The Eighth House is also the house of psychic powers & occult studies & knowledge.

The Ninth House is the House of Mental Exploration & Long Distance Travel. It is sometimes thought of a a widening of the Third House, since it is this house that your study, travel & mental pursuits are expanded. It is the house of your higher mind. Under this houses domain are your higher education, philosophy & the study in depth of profound subjects. Long journeys of both your mind & physical body are governed here. It concerns travel to foregin lands and business interests in other countries. The meetings of foreigners who expand your way of thinking & the study of languages are also goverend by this house. It also rules your public epression of ideas & is sometiems called the house of publishing & literary effort.

The Tenth House is House of Career & Public Standing. It tells how other people see you. The status of your career, reputation and social position are found in this house. It also describes your abilities as a
leader, how you will behave with authority figures, your likely vocation or “life’s work.

The Eleventh House is the House of Friends & Hopes and Wishes. It recognizes how you get along with other people; especially your support systems and peer groups. It also shows what
type of organizations or clubs you are likely to join, the kind of people you choose to be soul mates and kindred spirits and how may behave in social situations. This house can also reflect social activities and causes that you hold dear. Also represented byt his house are your long term goals & intellectual pleasures. On its highest level this house represents the harmonious working together of all people.

The Twelfth House is the House of Secrets, Sorrows, & Self-Undoing. It is the most mystical of the HousesIt  reveals the solitary side of your personality and the secrets you keep in your subconscious mind. It also rules matters like hospital or medical treatment, death and mortality, dreams, ideals and illusions. These dreams, ideal & illusions can be positive or negative depending on what sign the house is in and the planets that sit inside it. It has also bee called the House of Karma, the House of spiritual debt, for it contains the rewards & punishments of the deeds that you commit in the world.

I hope this helps you to understand the houses a little better. As always if you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


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