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Do You Believe In The Paranormal?

Hi everyone, hope you all have a great day. Last night my boyfriend & I were talking about ghosts, he thinks I am crazy because I told him that I think my friends apartment is haunted. It’s not that he doesn’t believe but he has to see for himself. Do you believe?

One out of three people surveyed, in the October 1999 Gallup Poll, said that they believed in ghosts. This is 3 times more then in the 1970’s. But do they really exist? Or even can they exist? For all of you that are like my co-worker & say absolutely not, to both of these questions, think for a minute a few other things that people have believed to be true.

The world was flat, which we now know is wrong but people actually used to believe this before someone proved them wrong. Here’s another one that people actually thought to be true, the sun & the stars revolve around the earth. Now, I know that most of you are probably laughing right now, but people believed that it was true before they discovered otherwise. I know most of you heard this one before & got a good laugh, but again people actually believed it, the moon is made of green cheese.

One of my teachers once told me that “a good researcher carries a healthy dose of skepticism, but not cynicism.” I thought this to be very good advice & have used it to keep my mind open to all possibilities, including the possibility of ghosts, which yes I am a believer.

People who believe in ghosts don’t need evidence to prove their existence, yet no amount of proof will convince a non believer. But, it’s not a black & white issue. It’s not easy to seperate the believers from the non believers. It’s a question of whether you believe if there’s life, or any type of survial, after death.

For example there are people that don’t believe in survival after death, therefore when you die there is no way you can return as a ghost. There are others who believe in life after death but don’t believe that you can return to the world as ghosts, once you have died. And then there are the people who believe in life after death & the possibility of the dead returning as ghosts.

It’s actually not even that simple, many people that may or may not believe in life or survival after death believe in other spirits, such as angels & demons, that are able to appear to be human even though they are not ghosts of humans.

There are also apparitions of living people, people who are currently alive just not physically there. In simpler terms, a person could be alive and in one place, while their “ghost double” will appear somewhere else.

Of course you are going to come across those literal people, who don’t believe in, life after death, ghosts, & heavenly spirits or demons. They are the ones that see of hear something paranormal & will try to find a logical reason behind it.

Well that’s all for today, hopefully I was able to shed a little light on the paranormal and made changed a few minds. Come back tomorrow for a true story that happened to one of my friends.

If you have a any questions please feel free to email me at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


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