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The History Of Dreams

Hello everyone how are you doing today?  I am doing great. Hope you all have a great day. Today I am going to talk about the History of Dreams.

Your brain is constantly at work, whether you are asleep or awake. Your brain communicates messages to you in the form of dreams while you are asleep. You can learn how to listen to those messages. It’s easy to do and I can help you.

If you pay attention to your dreams you can learn form them.  There a some simple techniques that you can use to power your brain power to work for you while you are sleeping and to help you recall your dreams in “waking life”.

Dreams can reveal a wonderful life that is waiting to be discovered. In “dream life” we can use our brain power to help us work out a problem that is bothering us in “waking life”. Dreams can also help us understand the way our bodies are working on the simplest level and let us know of an illness long before any doctor can detect what’s wrong. Dreams can also spice up our sex lives, bring an understanding about our life, and gives us insights into the future.

It was thought, in ancient times, that dreams were messages from demons or gods and that priests were the only people that were able to interpret them. People would travel great distances to see priests and have the interpret them dreams.

Dreams are even found in the bible. Did you know that it mentions more than 700 dreams and visions? All of the show an important connection to the lives, problems and well-being of the person, experiencing the dream/vision or the people around them. For example, Joseph was told in a dream to flee Egypt with Mary & Jesus so that they avoid the coming of Herod. Also the Wise Men were warned in a dream to find a different way home to avoid danger.

As time past people began to believe that things in real life caused your dreams. If you wore a damp nightshirt to bed, you would dream about water. Or if you ate too much for dinner you would have a nightmare. Researchers now know that outside noises or feelings, although they can play a small part in our dreams, do not have much to do with the main story in our dreams.

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were created by images, memories, thoughts wished and fears that are stored in our brains. He began using the interpretation of dreams to treat his patients.

Carl Jung added to Freud’s approach by stating that dreams can help us to learn more about ourselves & achieve our full potential. Jung believed that the same images appeared in our dreams because we our share basic knowledge in a collective unconscious, even though we may come from different backgrounds.

Freud, Jung and other early psychoanalysts. were studying the content of dreams. It wasn’t until later the the study of biology of dreams began. Nathaniel Kleitman, a researcher from the University of Chicago. looked in on his sleeping son & saw that he eyes were moving, even though they were closed. It looked as though the boy was watching a tennis match in his sleep.

He attached electrodes to volunteers in his lab and discovered that everyone has a period of sleep when their eyes move. He called it REM or Rapid Eye Movement. Knowing this he was able to pipoint that most dreaming takes place during this time.

Kleitman and his colleague, Eugene Aserinsky, were the first people in history to prove that we dream every night. Humans – and most animals- have REM during dreams.

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