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Hi everyone, hope your day is going good. Mine has been good, spent the morning out with with my best friend & now I am chilling with my uglies on Radiougly. Everyone on the station is great. They are like my second family. Stop by and tell the honey sent ya. Anyway today I am going to talk about how to make contact with spirits of the dead as well as spirits and entities of other dimensions and planes of existence.

This is usually done by mediums. They are people with highly developed psychic skills. The earliest historical descriptions of mediums dates back almost 4000 years, to Chinese literature. Ancient Asian emperors consulted with mediums also known as Wu. The Wu claimed to communicate advice, information and insights given by spirits of the deceased.

There are two kinds of mediums. Mental mediums receive inner visions, experience clairaudience (hearing voices and messages), and access mental impressions (thought). Some well known mental mediums are John Edward and James Van Praagh.

Physical mediums act as channels for physical manifestations initiated by disembodied spirits. A popular Reverend William Stainton Moses was known for levitation, table-tilting, mysterious sounds, lights and scents and materializations of luminous hands and columns of light with human shapes.

I am sure that most of you have seen the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore. To recap the movie Sam (Patrick Swayze) must warn his wife Molly (Demi Moore) that she is in danger, so he tries to communicate to Molly through Oda Mae Brown(Whoppi Goldberg), a phony psychic that learns her powers are real. At the end of the movie Oda Mae allows Sam to enter her body so that he and Molly may kiss one last time. This is known as channeling, trance or medium-ship 

Channeling is one of the most controversial forms of medium-ship. It was popular up until the later 80’s. Channeling is not as popular anymore because many channels misused or faked their abilities. Some of them were using their talents to start cults & gain power over others.

Another name for channels is trance mediums, they are called this because when the spirit takes over their body to communicate through them, they enter a deep trance state and lose consciousness. Often channels will speak with a unique accent and bestow complex messages and teachings.

Spirits sometimes claim to be extremely spiritually advanced souls or super human entities – angels, avatars or ascended masters. Some believe that many of these spirits were never human, or that they were once human but have now surpassed the human condition and that they have risen to higher dimensions. Most channels do not communicate with regular people that have passed to the other side.

J.Z. Kinght, the most popular trance medium, channels an entity named Ramtha. Ramtha claims to be a 35,000 year old ancient warlord from Atlantis. Another trance medium named Penny Torres channels an entity named Mafu. Mafu claims to be a spirit of a leper that lived in ancient Pompeii.

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