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Lord of The Rings: “How It Relates To Real Life”

Hello everyone, Today’s post doesn’t really relate to what we usually talk about but I thought it would be a fun post. Tomorrow we will get back to our usual discussions.

Being the huge Lord of the Rings fan that I am I have come up with this theory of what all the races, some characters & places may represent in “Real Life” or what J.R.R. Tolkien may have based his ideas on.


Middle Earth – represents our battle within. We are all fighting for what we believe, good or evil. Trying to make the world a better place.


Gollum – represents the two sides of our battle within, Smeagol, the good side &; Gollum, the bad side. Some of us may be torn as to who is right & who is wrong or which side to chose. J.R.R. Tolkien shows this battle raging in all of us perfectly with Gollum/Smeagol and his fight to be freed of the power of the ring & his need to have the ring.


Men – represent the men of the world. They are seen as the superior & more dominant. Some are power hungry and all are always trying to be the better man; yet they too have their weaknesses and are easily tempted, as seen in Isiadur, Boromir & the Nazgul. When they all gave in to the power of the Ring. Although some are strong and can hold true if they chose the right path, as seen in Aragorn. Some are afraid to admit who they are; as seen in Aragorn as Strider & Faramir. Others will fight for what the believe in even though they are banished, as in Eomer.


Hobbits – represent the women of the world. They seen as the weaker & more submissive; but they are a lot stronger then given credit for. More in tune with nature & the prettier things in life. Some however can become power hungry as seen in the Sackville Bagginses. Most are strong at heart as seen in Frodo & always see the light at the end of the tunnel as seen in Sam. Some take longer to find their strength & courage as seen in Merry & Pippin. They like adventures & always are on the go as seen in Bilbo. They like to have a good time in everything they do.


Elves – represent the good in all of us, fighting to prevail in our battle within. Elves are said to have stars in their hair & eyes, I think that this is our inner light, our good side shining through all of us. Like when we get married, find out we are having a baby, or are just in a good mood & we are “glowing”.


Orcs – represent the evil in us all, fighting to prevail in our battle within. Orcs are ugly & nasty. Kinda like we are if we are in a bad mood & don’t want to be bothered we lash out at those around us. Wanting to hurt anyone we can because we are hurting.


Dwarves – represent the greed & anger in us all. Also the willingness to forgive & forget, as seen with Gimili. He hates the elves at first but learns to forgive them because of his friendship with Legolas & his admiration of Galadriel.



Sauron – represents the devil. He resides in the fiery pits of Mordor (Hell). There is a stench that could kill a man, the smell of burning flesh; that would be associated with Hell.


The Nazgul – represent the devils minions. They are controlled by the power of the Ring & they can always sense it. They will do whatever the Sauron tells them to do because he controls the ring.



Galadriel – represents God. She is the most Beautiful of all the elves, although some may disagree & say that Arwen is. Galadriel is clothed all in white and resides in Lothorien (Heaven), the oldest & most beautiful home of the elves. She is also the oldest of all the elves in Middle Earth, being the daughter of Finarfin & sister of Finrod Felagund. She remained in Middle Earth after the end of the First Age.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post, please leave your comments. I would love to hear what others think. As always if you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@hotmail.com


3 Responses to “Lord of The Rings: “How It Relates To Real Life””

  1. I totally love this post. I am a huge LOTR fan as well, never really looked at the characters & stuff that way, but I can see how they relate. Very interesting!!!

  2. This is great, my ex-husband would love it too. He is a huge LOTR fan.

  3. I liked this very much, good job. My personal opinion would be Galadriel as more of an Isis/Mother Earth/Virgin Mary representation.

    Bearing in mind Tolkien’s strong religious upbringing and the attachment to his mother but it’s up for grabs I guess as he himself said it was not an allegorical novel so the interpretation resides in the mind of the reader not the writer, Applicability over allegory as the man himself stated.

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