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Men & Women Dream Differently

Hello again, hope you are all having a great day so far.  I am looking forward to going to see a Christmas Carol tonight with some friends, should be a good time. Today, I am going to talk about dreams and the differences between men’s and women’s dreams. Experts think the reason men and women dream differently is part biology and part social conditioning. Men’s dreams usually are about cars, weapons, and money. A women’s dreams are usually about clothing, jewelry, flowers and household objects.

Women are known to recall a dream in more detial then men do. Men don’t usually notice details such as clothing or colors in their dreams and women do.

Women notice the clothes people are wearing and their facial expressions and will be able to recall them in more detail then men. Up until the age of 50, women have more nightmares then men. After that men and women have about the same amount of nightmares.

Women dream more about the future then men. Also, females tend to experience more psychic dreams in which the see events that happen in the future. Women’s dream forecasts are more accurate than men’s are.

Men’s dreams take place outdoors and in unfamiliar surroundings more often than women’s do. Women’s dreams often take place in familiar places and indoors, a house of grocery store for example. Men see twice as many males in their dreams as females in their females, but women see about the same amount of both sexes.

Men tend to have more strangers in their dreams. These strangers are identified by their occupations, such as solider, mechanics or hunters. Women see more of the people they know socially, such as family members, coworkers or friends.

Men will report more action packed dreams and women tend to have dreams that contain more talking and emotions. Men tend to notice the hair for the people in there dreams more than any other feature. Women notice they eyes more often.

Most people tend to dream about things that they want or fear. Men and women fear and want different things. For example, pregnant women dream more vividly. Here are a few of the themes that are most common among pregnant women and what they represent, from my personal dream dictionary:

Animals – Cute little animals such as kittens, puppies and bunnies represent the developing fetus.

Burglars – This symbolizes the woman’s worry that her body has been “invaded” by the fetus. In all dreams, the house usually represents the body.

Knives – The pregnant woman could possibly be worried about having a cesarean section.

Forgetting – Forgetting the baby reflects anxieties about becoming a parent of being ready to handle it.

Flying – Flying dreams are nearly always a sign of happiness, high expectations and joy.

Pregnant women may also have more nightmares because she is going through a tremendous transition. Ask your dreams what’s worrying you. Once you resolve your dreams you will have happy dreams about the birth of your child.

Some of the differences between men and women’s dreams may change soon with more women joining work force and more men taking over the household duties. Soon women may be dreaming about the office and men may be dreaming about children and family.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


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