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Understanding Your Dreams

Hi, Hope you are having a good day. Last night I helped a friend analyze on of her dreams and we got talking about how our dreams can help us understand your true feelings about our significant, your job, parents, siblings, friends, the past & what you really want out of life. Just like anything else, the more you practice analyzing your dreams the better you will get at it. “Practice makes perfect.”

The first step towards understanding your dreams is writing them down in a dream journal. By making the effort of writing your dreams down regularly, you will be able to recall more details. You will surprise yourself at how good you become at remembering your dreams.

Here is a list of things to help you get started at analyzing your dreams.

1. Start out each dream entry by writing the date of the dream.

2. Give each dream a title so it can be found easily if you want to refer back to it.

3. Write down the dream in as much detail as you can remember — how it made you feel, who was in it, colors, smells, time of day — I like to use the 5 “W”‘s; who, what, where, when & why.

4. Write a list of keywords.

5. Look up the keywords in your dream dictionary. If you don’t have one, check out our dream dictionary. I also like Dream Moods. I recommend using more then 1 source. I have 4 dream dictionaries.

The most important thing to remember when analyzing your dreams, although others’ can help you, you are the only one that is going to know the true meaning of your dream.

Let’s say you dream about a car. You want to try to remember as much about the car as you can. Don’t forget what you were feeling. Your feelings can be very important in the interpretation of your dream.

Here is the meaning of a car in your dream, according to one of my dream dictionaries:

Car– A car represents your body. It reflects your self-image, your personality,and your freedom. It is also your ego or whatever is the driving factor in your life. This may be a desire to be successful, rich or popular. If you are in the driver’s seat, you feel in control of your life. If you are in a crash, it may represent a failure.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself about the car & what they mean.

1. Was your car smashed or dented?

This could be a symbol of poor self-esteem or poor health, or damage done to your body. Check your general health and any problems you are having.

2. Are you in the driver’s seat?

The person driving is in control of your life. If you dream that your mother-in-law is driving your car, think about your family dynamics.

3. Are you in the front seat or the back seat?

If you’re in the back seat, you’re pulling yourself down or allowing others to take over.

4. Was the air conditioner working?

This may refer to health of your cardiovascular health and respiratory system.

5. Did the brakes fail?

This is connected with discipline, control and willpower.

Did you run out of gas?

Are you out of energy, out of enthusiasm or cut off from what you need to be doing? Do you need a vacation?

By asking yourself questions about you dreams will help to to explain & understand the details.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


2 Responses to “Understanding Your Dreams”

  1. Thanks for the help with my dream yesterday.

  2. Anytime

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