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Green — A Cooling Color

Hello everyone, hope you are all done your Christmas shopping. I have mine done, I have actually been done since the beginning of the month. I was doing research for today’s post and came across something that I thought would fit, for this time of year. Since it can be very stressful time. 

Every wonder why the traditional Christmas tree is green? Green is a cooling color. This time of year there is an abundance of fire energies heating up a lot of our scared living space; candles creating low-lit ambiance, active wood burning fireplaces and additional lights strewn around our space that can actually create a subtle sense of stress if not counterbalanced with a cooling and healing color such as green.

Plants and evergreens will clam the atmosphere and also promote peace as well as lifted spirits and emotions. Tone down that seasonal red with a bit of green and find harmony hanging in your stocking this holiday season.

Hope this helps you to reduce some of that holiday stress.


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