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Life Cycle Number

Hi again, today’s post is the next installment of your Numerology chart. It’s the Life Cycle Number. The Life Cycle is divided into 3 major cycles. Each cycle is broken down into 28 years. Your Life Path Number is will determine when you change from one cycle to the next.

Early Life Cycle – any time from age 25 to 35
Middle Life Cycle – any time from age 26 to 61
Later Life Cycle- from 58 to death

This chart is just to get an idea of when you might reach each Life Cycle.

Each of these life cycles can be assigned to their own number and interpretation. They will give you an idea of the major influences that will dominant your life throughout any of the 28 year cycles.

Calculating this number can be more complicated then normal because the time you will reach each cycle is based on your Life Path Number. Your first step is to calculate your Life Path Number, if you haven’t already.

As always I will use myself as the example; My Life Path Number is 3.


15 >> 1+5=6

1973 >> 1+9+7+3=20 2+0=2

4+6+2=12 1+2=3

Next you want to take your Life Path Number and add it to 28. In my case it will be:


This means that I will move from my Early Life Cycle into my Middle Life Cycle at the age of 31.

Your Life Cycles will span through this number now. In my case, in 31 (28+3)years, at the age of 62 I will enter my Later Life Cycle. The years that you make your transition form one cycle to the next are very important years. They mark significant milestones in your life.

Hope your all still with me here. Just take it slow, it can get kind of confusing.

Now we are going to determine the numbers that represent each of your life cycles. If you get a Master Number (11 or 22) here you don’t have to reduce it.

Your Early Life Cycle Number is going to be the month that you were born, i n my case it would be 4.

Your Middle Life Cycle is going to be the day you were born, in my case it would be 6. I was born on the 15th (1+5=6).

Your Later Life Cycle is going to be the year you were born, In my case it would be 2. I was born in 1973 (1+9+7+3=20 2+0=2).

Interpretations for Early Life Cycle Number

Early Life Cycle Number 1

You were a strong-willed, talented and independent child. You
may have left home at an early age. Your career often gets
off to a great start, as you are so ambitious. Your self-
confidence and individuality brings you prodigious successes
in life. Although the influence is generally positive, you
may have had difficulty with your parents or authority
figures that may have never been able to manage your innate

Early Life Cycle Number 2

You were probably a very sensitive and difficult child. Your
early years may have been traumatic, even abusive and many of
your emotions may be suppressed as a result. You have a great
deal of drive and ambition but usually this comes from a
sense of insecurity that you need to prove you are better
than others are. Handling your emotions and keeping
relationships and situations in perspective might be
difficult for you during the first thee decades of your life.

Early Life Cycle Number 3

You were an intelligent, inquisitive child with a
photographic memory and the ability to absorb information quickly. This number denotes you as possessing a creative

talent that in some way may have been recognized or exploited
by older people. You make friends (including the kind that
can help you with your career) easily. Your first three
decades may have been spent as a performer or artist and
often this number brings some measure of fame (or infamy)
with it.

Early Life Cycle Number 4

You were intelligent, patient and humanistic as a child but
your expression may have been stifled by a childhood filled
with discipline and restrictions. It can also indicate early
years that were filled with poverty or abuse. Usually a
person with this number has to fight great odds to succeed
and often they do. The upside of this is that you have a
stamina, empathy and self-sufficiency during this period that
are normally not characteristic of others of comparable
experience or age.

Early Life Cycle Number 5

Divorce, separation or an emotionally ill parent may have
marked your childhood. You are sensitive, intelligent and
have a wonderful imagination. However these virtues might
fuel a tendency towards escapism and addictive behavior. You
may also be plagued by insecurity and indecision, which makes
it difficult for you to settle on one goal or vocation. Often
5s are late bloomers or switch careers every few years
because they are so restless. It is a 5 who is most likely to
interrupt education with travel.

Early Life Cycle Number 6

You were a bit of an old soul, even as a child. This number
is about self-sacrifice for the greater good of the whole.
You may have had to care for siblings or support a family
thanks to an irresponsible or absent parent. You often stick
close to your family well into your twenties and may fear
reprisal if you leave the nest. Sixes are often late bloomers
in life, as the first three decades of their lives are filled
with a lack of opportunity to put themselves first.
Early Life Cycle Number 7

You will probably be identified as a genius early on in life

and depending on your circumstances either be reviled for it
or encouraged to be a prodigy. You may not have many friends,
which is fine as you live in the world of books and
knowledge. Chances are that you spend your first thirty years
feeling left out of things and misunderstood. Rather than
fight to gain approval, you may have opted to be alone. Your
find kindred spirits in academically minded friends and

Early Life Cycle Number 8

You may have been born into wealthy circumstances or into a
status conscious household where the prime focus was money.
Children and young adults with this number often mistake sex
for affection. They also appear shallow or materialistic. You
may spend your first three decades feeling as if something is
missing. You have the potential to make a great deal of money
before you are thirty but this may create more strife than
happiness in your life.

Early Path Number 9

This signifies a very difficult and emotionally stressful
childhood. You may spend your first thirty years focusing on
others rather than yourself in order to please an abusive or
mentally ill parent. Behavioral issues and addictions may
also plague a Life Cycle Number 9 who often gets off to a
slow start with regards to academic or career. More than any
other number, nines have the cruelest circumstances to
overcome yet somehow, their hardship also leads to more
spiritual sophistication.

Early Path Number 11

This master number generally produces a child that may be a
bit of a genius, but also to some extent crippled by a “gift”
of some kind. Number 11 youngsters often feel very out of
place as they often possess enhanced intuition or great
intelligence however their parents usually cannot afford to
cultivate these gifts. Many 11s often suffer from emotional imbalances and nervous problems until after age 28 when they
learn to handle their talents.

Interpretations for Middle Life Cycle Number

Middle Life Cycle Number 1

You will enjoy a healthy, productive adult life. Usually this
period is devoted to working hard to realize a great dream.
Typically you have launched out on your own and are enjoying
running a thriving business. The temptation is to live a life
that is all work and no play. Taking time out to smell the
flowers is recommended for these adults who are driven by a
ambition and a need to be the best.

Middle Life Cycle Number 2

You are fated to work with others or as part of a team. Your
success is very dependent on the success of those around you
so during this period you have probably greatly enhanced your
personal and social skills. Striking out on your own does not
work as well for you as selling someone else’s abilities. You are blessed with loving relationships and many friends who
appreciate your loving support.

Middle Life Cycle Number 3

Things come easily to an adult number 3, especially money.
However, you spend it as fast as you make it. You probably
lead a creative and carefree life. You make the most money
using your artistic talents. You a very popular individual
although your love life may be filled with a series of
relationships rather than just one solute. Watch out for a
tendency to be too generous or extravagant and remember to
save money for your old age!

Number Middle Life Cycle Number 4

You are most likely a very calm, stable and reliable
personality who can handle a great deal of responsibility.
You are more likely to be in a conservative occupation. You
are likely to save a great deal of money during these years.
You health can be risked by working too hard. You are a loyal
individual who often lucks out by finding a mate for life.
You are a great parent and are fated to have lots of

Number Middle Life Number Cycle 5

You may feel a bit lost in life or like you are having
difficulty settling down. You are an impulsive individual who
is fated to go through a series of jobs and relationships.
This because you become bored very easily. You prefer a life
that is full of adventures over security and stability and as
a result break many hearts. You are destined to travel or
pursue exotic experiences simply to satisfy your endless

Middle Life Cycle Number 6

You may feel like you have to work harder than others to make
a living. This is a very karmic path and it may be difficult
for you to get ahead in anyway without first making personal
sacrifices or promising to share your wealth with others. Even at this stage in your life you may find yourself taking
care of your family or other people’s families. Your adult
years really do suit the phrase “you get your rewards in
heaven, rather than on earth.”

Middle Life Cycle Number 7

Sevens are often fated to continually pursue an academic
career and if not they are usually passionate about learning
about some subject on your own. Many adult sevens are loners
and eccentrics so they may suffer from social problems that
make it difficult to find a partner or suitable employment.
The “real world” may seem boring to you so your challenge is
to try not to drift so far away from society that you are

Middle Life Cycle Number 8

Your adult years are likely blessed with supremely high
levels of attainment. You are destined to be wealthy and in a
leadership position. You have a knack for making wise
investments and when it comes to achieving your goals, the
sky is the limit for you. You are probably a pillar of the
community and if you are attentive to your friends and family
you wall probably enjoy harmonious relationships throughout
your adult life.

Middle Life Cycle Number 9

Your adult years may be highly concerned with spiritual
matters and self-investigation. You are probably a
humanitarian who is less materialistic than others. Your
natural generosity often hinders you from saving much money
however others are deeply grateful for your compassion and
empathy. You may not accomplish much in terms of career or
education but you are sure to be blessed by many fans and

Middle Life Cycle Number 11

You are so concerned with spiritual and ethical matters and
changing the world for the better that it may be difficult
for you to find suitable employment. Chances are that you
will spend a lot of time travelling or seeking out the truth
about life. Many of you are adepts at metaphysics. Teaching, healing and uplifting others best maximizes your spiritual
talents. Nervous disorders and nervous breakdowns are also
common for adult 11s because they are so sensitive to

Middle Life Cycle Number 22

You are a spiritually advanced individual can achieve great
things as an adult. However you need to be prepared to
recognize the many opportunities that do come your way as
opposed to cultivating a Zen like state of bliss. Usually 22s
do very well in any occupation they choose but as they are
master builders they should try to launch a great new scheme
of some kind whether it be related to science, business,
lifestyle or metaphysics.

Interpretations for Later Life Cycle Number

Later Life Cycle Number 1

There is no such thing as early retirement for you. In fact you will probably recieve your greatest claim and fame in your later years. You are more active than most seniors and may even begin a new career while many others are simply kicking back and taking it easy!

Later Life Cycle Number 2

You are destined to live out your later years with one special loved one. This harmonious number that promises you health, love and a comfortable financial situation. There will be plenty of time and money for socializing, spending quality time with family and pursuing your favorite hobbies.

Later Life Cycle Number 3

You may develop a second career as an artist or an entertainer. If you already one you may keep working or producing until your health prohibits it. This life cycle number can also indicate fame later in life. Things should come easily to you and you are sure to enjoy the company of both old & young friends.

Later Life Cycle Number 4

Either through necessity or choice you may find yourself working many years longer than most people. Many people with this life cycle find it hard to give up control of the empire they have worked so hard to achieve. A s you probably have spawned a huge family you ma continue working to support your brood. Taking care of others makes you the happiest at this stage.

Later Life Cycle Number 5

You are likely to spend you later years travelling around the world or pursuing some eclectic hobby or interest. You are likely to be unburdened by financial problems and will have the freedom to chase any dream that you like. Your natural friendliness, curiosity and telling a good story makes you especially beloved by children and grand children. It is very important for you to avoid boredom.

Later Life Cycle Number 6

You are likely to be very content and financially secure, Your family and especially your partner and grandchildren become the most important concerns in your life. Chances are that you become very active in your family life and act as a secondary provider to your own children, It is a six that is most likely to adopt a child later in life.

Later Life Cycle Number 7

In your later years you may prefer to be by yourself to the extent that you are perceived as too introverted or isolated by others. This is because you prefer reading or pursuing studies that you never were able to in the earlier part of your life. You will be very independent and most likely develop an interest in metaphysical of spiritual hobbies. Quantum physics is a familiar passion of elderly 7’s.

Later Life Cycle Number 8

You are the pillar of the community who has probably amassed a prodigious amount of wealth. As you have few concerns, you can pursue any recreational or adventurous activities that you choose. However your responsible nature often finds you pursuing a second career that might have something to do with politics, religion, or philanthropy. You may also be signaled out for an award or some kind of specialized acclaim.

Later Life Cycle Number 9

You are a cheery and content individual who is grateful for all the lessons that life has provided you. You are abridge believer in positive thought and believe that mankind can be healed by maintaining a positive attitude. You live by your convictions and often demonstrate your benevolence through acts of charity, healing and educating. others.

Later Life Cycle Number 11

In your later years you are mainly concerned with spirituality an in particular finding peace of mind in a troubled world. You may explore new relegions or travel far and wide to find answers to the human condition. Your religious bent may also lead you to a reglious or spiritual career of some kind. Money may also matter little to you and may give a great deal of your wealth away.

Later Life Cycle Number 22

You are likely to enjoy health and vitality in your later years but age may bring out latent psychic talents and sensitivties. This is why it is crucial for you to take time out to soothe your nerves. This might be a challenge for you as 22 number seniors are always on the go. This may not be a time of retirement for you but rather a time when you achieve more than you have in your entire life.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at miraclenmagic@comcast.net


6 Responses to “Life Cycle Number”

  1. Hello,
    I have a problem with the calcullation of life cycle number.
    You tell me 28 + life path number.
    and http://www.numerology-free.com/life-path-periods.html ,
    there thell me 36 – life path number.
    What is the real calcullation?

  2. I have done all the calculations and have copied my cyles down on paper.. My question is I am in my middle life cycle which is a seven how do I find out or use that for any type of cycle information for the year 2010 and for the month of April .
    I have heard your cycle changes every 7 or 8 years depending on a calulation

  3. Jacob Jimmy Gustaaf
    What this websites saying is correct. Its 28 + life path number.

    I’m an 8 with early life path 9. What about you ?

  4. I’ve done my own calculations, and they say that early cycle# is detemined by your bithday month, your middle cycle would be your birthday, and later life cycle is your year added up,

    my question is why do they tell you to “easily” calculate your numbers by booted it up a number? it dosent make sense.

  5. Jamie, I never really go into Numerology that is my partner’s area of expertise and she is away for a few months, when she gets back or I get a chance to talk to her I will answer your question.

    If there is anyone out there is anyone out there that can answer this question please feel free to do so.

  6. Hi my life cycle is 9, 3 and 5 what it tell me?

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