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Life Pinnacle Numbers

Hello everyone, hope you all have a great day. Today’s post is going to help you calculate your Life Pinnacle Numbers.

They are based on the calculation of you Life Path Number. A Pinnacle is an experience that occurs over a specific time in your life. It is thought that each person has 4 pinnacle periods in there life. Depending on the Numerology of each period of life will experience it’s own unique characteristics or theme.

The First Pinnacle covers the Early Years of your Life, generally ranging from age 0 – 28 to 35, depending on your Life Path Number.

The Second Pinnacle covers what for most people is called the child bearing and family raising years.

The Third Pinnacle covers Middle Age and growing maturity.

The Fourth Pinnacle covers our senior years.

The timing of each Pinnacle depends on each of the 9 Life Path Numbers.

This chart will help you to determine your Pinnacle Number. I will also clarify any questions as we move along.

1 = 0 35 36-44 45-53 54 & beyond

2/11 = 0-34 35-43 44-52 53 & beyond

3 = 0-33 34-42 43-51 52 & beyond

4/22 = 0-32 33-41 42-50 51 & beyond

5 = 0-31 32-40 41-49 50 & beyond

6 = 0-30 31-39 40-48 49 & beyond

7 = 0-29 30-38 39-47 48 & beyond
8 = 0-28 29-37 38-46 47 & beyond

9 = 0-27 28-36 37-45 46 & beyond

For this example, as always I will use my DOB:

April 15, 1973

The first step is to calculate your Life Path Number, in my case it would look like this:


15 — 1+5=6

1973 — 1+9+7+3= 20 2+0=2

4+6+2=12 1+2=3

My Life Path Number is a 3

If you look at the chart above, you can see that my First Pinnacle is from birth to age 33, my Second Pinnacle is from age 34-42, my Third Pinnacle is from age 43-51 and my Fourth Pinnacle is from age 52 and beyond.

The First Pinnacle is calculated by adding the day & month of your birth, in my case it would be 4+6 = 10 1+0=1

Note: you are not reducing Master Numbers in these calculations.

The Second Pinnacle is calculated by the day of your birthday reduced and the number you got when you reduced the year of your birth. In my case it would be 6+2=8.

The Third Pinnacle is calculated by adding the First and Second Pinnacle Numbers. In my case it would be 1+8=9

The Fourth Pinnacle is calculated by reducing the year of your birthday. In my case, I was born in 1973, reduced that comes to 2.

1+9+7+3=20 2+0=2

Now we can determine what the interpretation of each of our Pinnacles are. To do that just take the number you came up with for each of your Pinnacles above and check the interpretations below.

First Pinnacle 1

You are a born leader. Most of your youth was likely spent
on learning leadership skills and experimenting in social
situations to see how you could get on top of them.
Challenges you may have faced in this period may have included overcoming stubbornness and selfishness.

First Pinnacle 2

This influence creates a very sensitive and imaginative
individual. You may have felt understood as a child and the
scars you bear from being hurt are probably carried over
into childhood. People with this influence like to stick
close to home and are very influenced by their mother or

First Pinnacle 3

This creates a very imaginative, creative individual who
may be a bit too “out there” for others to handle in their
early years. Unless you were specifically guided to develop
your artistic and creative potential you may not have
benefited from your own latent talents during this period.
Others may simply perceive you as irresponsible.

First Pinnacle 4

You may have been born into poverty or demanding
circumstances. For one reason or another you may have spent
much of your childhood working. The good news is that
despite your lack of freedom, you will usually have
achieved a lot during this formative period. This can also
indicate an individual pursuing a heavy academic career.

First Pinnacle 5

This number indicates that it might have been very
difficult for you to develop any firm foundations or roots
as a child. Your family may have moved a lot or you may
have been a foster child or adopted. This restlessness may
have resulted in a lack of focused direction in your
twenties and thirties.

First Pinnacle 6
You may have found it hard to let go of the apron strings.
It is likely that the immediately members of the family
hampered your freedom by relying on you too heavily for
financial or emotional support. This pinnacle number can
also indicate an early or arranged marriage.

First Pinnacle 7

You were a brilliant child that was probably very
misunderstood by others. The difficulties that you
encountered socially as a child have probably lead to
misunderstandings in adult life. Unable to connect very
well to others emotionally, you may prefer to retreat to a
world of your own.

First Pinnacle 8

This is the mark of someone who may have been born into an
affluent family. If not you may have demonstrated an early
talent for commerce or business that led you to be quite
well off before the age of 30. This number is so practical
that you may have faced the “real world” by going into
business instead of getting an education.

First Pinnacle 9

You have a lot of convictions and principles that may have
been expressed at an early age by fighting off bullies and
standing up for the underdog. You are giving and altruistic
in nature, to the point that it might be difficult for you
to maintain a job or pursue a money making venture. You are
very ethical and wise from a young age.

First Pinnacle 11

You are born with a great deal of imagination, intelligence
and energy. The problem is that it is hard for a young
person to handle the intensity of being this number. You
are friendly, cooperative and are very distressed by a lack
of harmony. Chances are that you discover psychic talents
before the age of 30.

First Pinnacle 22

You were probably born into some privilege and if not,
managed somehow to build something great that you can call
your own before the age of 30. As you are such an intense
and intelligent individual, your talents may have been
unnoticed when you were a child and your natural brilliance
may have been mistaken for waywardness.

Second Pinnacle 1

You are likely to be a very successful and dynamic adult.
Chances are that most things in your life are well set and
you are likely to have the perfect job and the perfect
family. Your achievements are more than likely to be well
recognized by the public. A career in politics might be

Second Pinnacle 2

Your success in life greatly depends on your ability to work with other people. You might find yourself working a
lot behind the scenes in order to achieve a greater goal.
You are not likely to be in business by yourself. Both your
work and family life may be very demanding during these

Second Pinnacle 3

Your livelihood might depend greatly on how others perceive
you. You might not have children or settled down at this
time and instead are enjoying some kind of unorthodox
relationship. Chances are that you are a performer,
freelancer or leading a lifestyle that stimulates your
interest in popular culture.

Second Pinnacle 4

During this period in your life, you may find yourself
facing a lot of rivals or struggling with some kind of
competition. Unfortunately this does forecast a time when
finances may be limited for some years. Fortunately
economic hardships can be overcome with practicality and
the willingness to work hard.

Second Pinnacle 5

You probably will lead an unorthodox lifestyle and it is
very likely you will be travelling a lot during these
years. Individuals in this period may forsake domesticity
and financial security to slake a thirst for adventure. You
are likely to be your own boss or a freelancer. Flexibility
is key to your happiness.

Second Pinnacle 6

This is an influence that foresees the predominance of home
and family matters over anything else. Usually this
pinnacle number is associated with having many children or
having an extended family living with you. Chances are that
you have also forsaken a dream or a career to take care of
family matters.

Second Pinnacle 7

Unless you have somehow made a name for yourself as a serious academic you might find this period in your life to
be very slow and uninspiring. Chances are that you have
forsaken friends and family to follow some sort of passion
or personal pursuit. Individuals under this influence
often find themselves in therapy or preferring to be a

Second Pinnacle 8

During this influence, you are likely to prosper and
movement up through traditional corporate and business
structures is relatively easy. This is a very rational
period in your life and more than likely you will be
successfully building a financial empire. Your family life
is also likely to be quite settled and happy.

Second Pinnacle 9

During this influence some kind of crisis may occur that
changes your perspective of the world drastically. Usually
this involves some kind of healing crisis or devastating
emotional experience that puts you on a spiritual path.
During this time you will become less selfish and more
philanthropic in your ways.

Second Pinnacle 11

The emphasis on this period is on either looking for a
teacher or using your personal skills to spread some sort
of message. You are eager to acquire new wisdom and often
find the mentor that you need to further a career in the
arts or to develop spiritually. Many find this a very
optimistic and positive influence.

Second Pinnacle 22

Many great things are completely possible for you. If you
have not had an education or a big break to do with your
career, chances are that you will get the opportunity to
practically fulfill those dreams now. It is also very
likely that you will meet a soul mate and begin a family at
this time. If you have already started a family it is
likely that the love between all of you will grow even
Third Pinnacle 1

If you have not been able to realize any of your dreams by
now you will probably act like a bull in a china shop,
taking out your frustration on all that dare bring up how
little you have achieved. However if previous periods
favored your independence and opportunities for leadership
you will likely see yourself promoted to where you want to
be during this phase.

Third Pinnacle 2
If you have let disputes or family problems go attended for
some years then you are likely to face them as full-blown
crises at this time. It is also likely that you may have
lost control of your career and by necessity have to work
for someone else or are making a lower income than you

Third Pinnacle 3

If you have always wanted a career in show biz or the arts,
you might be given a chance for fame later in life during
these years. This is definitely an inspirational time that
will also serve to expand your social circle. You might
also find yourself becoming an influential voice in your
community. Falling in love is also possible.

Third Pinnacle 4

This phase will have you reaping what you have sown so far
in life. If your previous Pinnacle numbers were supportive
to career and money then you will likely see a big pay off
from those efforts. If you have worked long and hard to
earn some-body’s heart than you will likely fall in love. If
you have not put much effort into anything then this could
be a difficult, lonely and even poverty-stricken time.

Third Pinnacle 5

This influence may have you face a sudden change of some
kind that necessitates the need for you to be very
adaptable or flexible. You could face a lay off or get a
job in a foreign country. You might also have to adjust
emotionally after a divorce or a death. Still this
influence indicates a second chance for a success and a
brand new start in life.

Third Pinnacle 6

During these years finances and career will be of less
concern and your focus will turn to enjoying the company of
family and friends. Sometimes this influence brings an
older relative to live with you or brings new additions to
the family (especially grandchildren.) Peace, abundance and
family happiness usually dominate these years.

Third Pinnacle 7

This period may bring with it an upsetting incident that
throws you for a loop emotionally or puts you in a negative
state. Your overall inclination will be to avoid other
people and escape into fantasy or addiction. This also
might indicate a period of workalocism where nothing else
matters but money or fame. Many people seek therapy for a
mid life crisis during this kind of phase.

Third Pinnacle 8

These years could bring you a period of unexpected
prosperity. You may finally acquire all of the material
things you need or acquire a property. An inheritance or
lottery win is also likely at this time. A second career
or home business started under this influence is also
likely to return a generous income.

Third Pinnacle 9

This influence may bring you a spiritual awakening of sorts
that makes you want to do more for others than you do for
yourself. World events and problems may concern you more
than usual and you may be more inclined to live by your
convictions. Often during this phase individuals get rid of
people or jobs in their life that don’t agree with their

Third Pinnacle 11

At this point you are likely to suffer some sort of mid
life crisis that makes you search for the deeper meaning of
life. This influence usually brings some sort of shattering
of illusions and the need to make careful plans about how
one can realize the goals of their higher self in the
future. You may also be very interested in spirituality or
the occult during this phase and less interested in money
or your social life.

Third Pinnacle 22
Usually this influence at this time brings some kind of
award or great achievement, especially if your other Pinnacle numbers have supported your aims in the past. If
not you will still be given the opportunity to show that
side of you that “dares to be grand” whether it be in the
spiritual, business or relationship areas of your life. The
overall theme of this influence is very calm, upbeat and
Fourth Pinnacle 1

There will be no slowing down for you! Individuals with a
number one Fourth pinnacle are not only reluctant to slow
down they may even develop a second career. Unfortunately
nervous problems and oversensitivity can characterize this
number which needs a great deal of approval and recognition
in order to maintain mental health. Your success in later
years will also depend a great deal on your initiative and
abilities to make others believe in your goals.
Fourth Pinnacle 2

If you have this as your Fourth pinnacle number you are
very fortunate as not only are you likely to round out the
end of your life with a long-term partner you will also
experience some freedom from financial worries. One
problem may be a tendency to live in the past and a
tendency to force your children to live up to unrealistic
expectations. It is not likely you will be working in your
old age unless it is on an artistic project or favorite

Fourth Pinnacle 3

The promise of this Fourth Pinnacle Number is complete
financial freedom. Most threes are prosperous until a very
old age. Many of them choose to work professionally at a
career simply because they love their careers. If this is
your Fourth Pinnacle number it is also likely you will do a
lot of travelling in your senior years or at the very
least, settling down in an exotic locale that provides
plenty of social activity and entertainment. It will be a
cardinal sin for you to be bored!

Fourth Pinnacle 4

This is one of the harder numbers to have as your Fourth
Pinnacle as it signifies economic hardship in the later
years. This may prevent you from retiring at all. Sometimes
the hardship comes in the form of having to care for an
ailing member of the family or a very large family. World
events or other factors may also convince you that you must
keep working “just in case” you are poor. The upside is
that most senior pinnacle 4s enjoy working because it gives
them a sense of accomplishment.

Fourth Pinnacle 5

If you are a Fourth Pinnacle 5 you can expect your
retirement years to be lively and full of change. You may
work for periods on and off or find yourself embarking on
many long adventures, both for recreational and work purposes. Your finances may be up and down but the constant
change will keep you busy and reveling in the company of
many friends. You are also likely to have many different
interests and hobbies as well as belong to many

Fourth Pinnacle 6

People with a Fourth Pinnacle 6 are often blessed with a
very comfortable retirement or even early retirement. The
love and support of an extended family is likely to keep
you happy and fulfilled until the end of your life. Your
children and grandchildren will be most important to you
(and so will be any family pets!) You are so nurturing and
will have so much to give that it would not be surprising
to see you out in the community participating in charities
and being philanthropic.

Fourth Pinnacle 7

If you are a Fourth Pinnacle 7 you are likely to retreat
from society, perhaps having decided that “hell is other
people.” You are voted most likely to hide in a remote
mountain location or on a far off paradise Island. During
this time you may feel finally like you have grown into
your skin and like you can pick and choose your companions.
Both poverty and extreme riches are possible with this
number depending on how “grounded” you are in the real
world. You may develop an interest in academics, philosophy
or metaphysics that becomes a sweeping preoccupation.

Fourth Pinnacle 8

You will be rich enough to retire but the pressures of
being identified as a pillar of the community may keep you
in business or in the public eye well beyond the usual
retirement years. You may also be so good at making money
that you may feel it is your duty to continue orchestrating
the systems that help keep civilization alive. It is likely
you will have a lot of dependents and that a great deal of
your money will also be donated to the public interest –
especially charities and academic and artistic
Fourth Pinnacle 9

Money may not matter to you much in your later years and
chances are that you will devote yourself tirelessly to
some kind of cause. This could be working for charities or
the church or practicing some kind of writing or
metaphysical career. You will also very much be a teacher
and mentor to those younger than you and your greatest
rewards will come from stewarding people towards happiness
and enlightenment.

Fourth Pinnacle 11

Your latter years will be spent as both a seeker and a
teacher of enlightenment and knowledge. You may be a
practitioner of alternative medicine or the psychic arts.
At any rate, others will perceive you as being very wise
and seek out your counsel. Although money may not matter
much to you, you will try to raise it as you see riches as
being a manifestation of good energy. There is also likely
to be some travel and difficulty settling down as you seek
to place yourself in the world where your help is needed

Fourth Pinnacle 22

Being “the master builder “of the Fourth Pinnacle number
you are likely to be in too powerful of a position to
completely relax during your retirement. You are a role
model for others. With your personal power and riches comes
a responsibility to society and it is very possible that
the livelihoods of many people may depend on what choices
you make. You are very wise, judicial and kind and many
will call you an exemplary human being. It is also very
likely that you will be famous for making some kind of mark
on society.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


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  1. very interesting site, first time here, love it. finding out more about myself than ever. thanks

  2. Thanks linda, glad you like the site & that you are learning something about yourself from it. That’s our goal, to help people learn more about themselves.

  3. I was born on January 16, 1963 and i would be grateful if you could please work out my life pinnacle. i have a problem to figure out the formulae and i would be grateful if you could please do it for me.

  4. This site has energized me to the utmost, I have a new love/interest and it is Numerology. This has proven to me the truth/exactness of the numbers.
    I am ‘stirred’ beyond excitement! Not only did I check out mine, also my families’…including my first and long awaited for…I’m 58, grandson that is now 4 months old. Considering his parents/pinnacles that are on the money…(they are 34/36) I would never doubt that he will live up to his life pinnacles…looking forward to watching his path, which promises rewards of the best sort. (his birthdate is 11/9/2010. I know in my heart that I will become very involved with learning all that I can about this impressionable subject and giving myself to teaching others…just as my 4th pinnacle suggests, as I love teaching, science and the metaphysical, and humanity.
    Thank you!

  5. Yousouf, I will give your info to my partner and have her work it out for you. She is the one who deals w/ the numerology. It may take her a while she is in school right now & only helps out during the summer.

    Rhonda, thanks I am glad that you enjoyed the site.

  6. Wow this site is amazing and has inspired me. I am confused how to relate the pinnacles with life path/destiny/challenge/cycle numbers. My birthday is on 15th march 1983. Can you please help and see how my numbers work for me of pinnacles with life path numbers, thanks.

  7. Wow that’s complicated. Each pinnacle number has a different meaning in different pinnacle cycles. I think I could be Pinnacle number 1 in Pinnacle cycle 2 and Pinnacle number 9 in cycle 1.

  8. The accuracy is scary. I have read the reality of mine life past and present. I would not have believed it.

  9. Very nice to read. If you can mention the compatibility of couples based on the pinnacles they undergo, then that will be more interesting. Thanks.

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  11. Thanks for a good pinnacle article! I hope you’re right. This gives me some currage to continue on my path, hopefully it will be interesting. Thanks for inspiring hope!

  12. This blog has to continue! thank you!!!

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