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Gemini Compatibility

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good day. We are getting another ice storm here. Hopefully the power doesn’t go out. Today we are going to continue with the compatibilities, Gemini is next.

Gemini and Aries
lively, energetic pair can be good friends as well as goo lovers
both thrive on activity, adventure and variety
enjoy each others humor & like the social life
Aries will probably make the decisions because Gemini has difficulty in that area
will be bedroom high jinks, both are enthusiastic about sex
Aries’s domineering streak will give Gemini the firm direction it needs
Gemini’s occasional wandering from the straigh & narrow will keep Aries on it toes

Gemini and Taurus
unpromising match, though at the beginning Taurus responds to Gemini’s sparkle & Gemini is intrigued by Taurus’s uncomplicated directness
Taurus wasnt life to be stable & ordered
Gemini is easily bored & looks for new experiences
Taurus is devoted to home sweet home
Gemini follows the lure of the open road
Gemini finds Taurus’s lovemaking a bit on the dull side & also resents the restrictive net Taurus tries to construct
jealous, possessive Taurus can’t ahndle Gemini’s outside dalliances
passions cool

Gemini and Gemini
you won’t find a more versatile, charming or vivacious pair
will never bore each other, they are interested in everything
pace is frenetic, but neither will slow down
fascinating conversationalists, have tons of friends
together they will throw marvelous parties
sex is fun and games
this couple is also superficial, unstable & very restless
when the move out of the bedroom everything becomes too chaotic

Gemini and Cancer
passionate Cancer fulfills Gemini’s physical needs
Gemini’s cheerfulness brighten’s Cancer’s disposition
Gemini’s tendency to play at love wounds oversensitive Cancer
flirtatious Gemini makes Cancer feel very insecure & any affair is likely to be volatile
have too little ion common for a long-term relationship
Cancer needs security & domesticity
Gemini loathes being tied down
Gemini hasn’t any patience with Camcer’s moodiness
Gemini’s sharp tongue is too biting for Cancer’s fragile ego
they are doomed to a down hill run

Gemini and Leo
affectionate pair who really enjoy each other
Gemini’s amorous playfulness finds a responsive partner in eager, extroverted Leo
Leo’s self-confidence blinks at Gemini’s flirtatiousness with others
Gemini’s penchant for ridicule can annoy regal Leo
Leo will probably demand more adoration then Gemini is willing to give
socially, each tries to upstage the other, but have fun together doing it
both love to laugh
in bed they set off sparks

Gemini and Virgo
both have a mental approach to life
star-crossed from the beginning
Virgo considers Gemini scatterbrained & immature
Gemini thinks Virgo is a stick-in-the-mud & a bore
Virgo’s analytical approach seems like indifference to Gemini
Virgo looks at Gemini’s busy social life as superficial & a waste of time
Virgo is critical
Gemini is tactless
passions run on a low thermostat
sex life soom turns chilly
Gemini’s eye is certain to rove

Gemini and Libra
well suited intellectually & every other way
stimulating companions who will enjoy a lighthearted, lovely affair
neither is combative & are likely to agree on everything
affectionate, fun-loving, and like social life, entertaining & travel
sexually both are frevent, neither is jealous or demanding
Libra goes along with Gemini’s taste for experiment
one problem is both love to spend money
otherwise its a perfect match

Gemini and Scorpio
Gemini’s imagination & Scorpio’s dynamism would make a good combination if only these two were able to get along
combustion in the bedroom, but soon find out sex isn’t everything
Scorpio is sensual, passionate, demanding, jealous & inflexible
Gemini is fickile, flighty, superficial, lighthearted & changeable
Gemini is a social creaeture
Scorpio likes privacy
Scorpio’s suspicious nature is in constant turmoil over Gemini’s casual attitude about love
won’t be long before enough becomes too much

Gemini and Sagittarius
these tow opposites are attracted to each othe like magnets
espically enjoy each other’s minds, both have a wide-ranging & varied interests
Sagittarius more intellectual
Gemini more social
both are too restless and argumentative
both need freedom
may be disappointed sexually, since neither is demonstrative
Gemini is very quick to criticize
will probably begin impulsively & will end the same way

Gemini and Capricorn
Gemini’s freewheeling, anything-goes-attitude meets opposition from conventional, steady, conservative Capricorn
Capricorn worries about security
Gemini frets about losing liberty
order & routine keep Capricorn content but drive Gemini to distraction
Gemini’s need for stimulating existence does nothign to make capricorn feel secure
Capricorn’s sober outlook puts a damper on Gemini’s high spirits
isn’t a affair with high voltage but Gemini can help develop Capricorn’s sensual potential

Gemini and Aquarius
verstile Gemini and innovative Aquarius get anlong famously
share a taste for novelty, travel, meeting new people
both are unprerdictable, things can’t always go smoothly
love keeps getting better, Aquarius adores Gemini’s wit & good cheer
Gemini is somewhat inconstant or unstable, Aquarius understands
if affair should end they will remain friends
in marriage, these two are affectionate, devoted companions more than passionate overs

Gemini and Pisces
passion quotient is high & so are the problems
emotional Pisces os too easily hurt by thoughtless Gemini
Gemini is mischievous & playful
Pisces is sensitive & takes things to heart
each practices deception in his or her own way
Gemini dissembles
Pisces won’t deal with reality
Gemini needs freedom & new vistas
Pisces needs unending adoration
Pisces just can’t feel secure with gadabout Gemini & tries to pull the net tighter
claustrophobic atmosphere eventually makes it hard for Gemini to breathe

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  1. This actually answered my drawback, thank you!

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