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Leo Compatibility

Hello everyone hope you are all having a great day.  For today’s post we are going to continue with the compatibilities. The next sign is the ever fiery Leo.

Leo and Aries
superstars of the zodiac
well-matched partners
get along marvelously in the bedroom
unbeatable combination for deriving sheer joy & excitement from sex
share same likes & dislikes in other areas of life
need all rapport to overcome 1 big problem — the head on collision of 2 super egos; each of whom wants to play leader
have to learn to share center stage
otherwise, glorious mating

Leo and Taurus
Leo’s sovereign right to rule runs smack up against Taurus’s determination to have its one way
both are fixed signs, so neither will give an inch
Leo merely becomes angrier & Taurus more obstinate
thrifty Taurus is appalled at Leo’s careless spending habits
Taurus is cautious & deliberate
Leo is expansive & extravagant
Taurus stubbornly refuses to give Leo constant worship
Leo is too self-centered to give Taurus the devotion it needs
Leo is much more exuberant that Taurus, bot in & out of the bedroom
too many personality conflicts here

Leo and Gemini
strike it off immediately because they like so many of the same things; glamorous social life, parties, theater, lots of friends
lively independent Gemini brings out Leo’s joie de vivre
affair is a merry chase after variety & amusement
Leo finds Gemini’s imaginative sexual high jinks great fun
Leo may also become jealous because of Gemini’s lighthearted approach to love
Leo is more intense than airy Gemini
life together will be stimulating & exasperating but the outlook is good if Gemini can stay faithful

Leo and Cancer
both are romantics though in different ways
Leo wants a relationship to be glorious & exciting
Cancer wants it to be meaningful & fulfilling
Leo doesn’t get as overwrought as Cancer, who takes things more seriously
Cancer needs security, tranquility & stay-at-home
Leo is boisterous and a a gadabout who loves to be constantly on display
Cancer’s dependency will please Leo provided a little adoration is thrown in
Leo is flamboyant in love
Cancer is responsive, loyal & intense; Leo likes that
mixed signals

Leo and Leo
when king & queen are together heads turn
can have a royal mating
grand passion conducted on a grand scale
both are romantic, colorful, exuberant about life & highly sexed
main question is: who is going to be in charge?
difficult for 1 Leo to make room for another ego as large as its own, but that’s exactly what is needed here
each not only wants to sit in the throne, but wants to be the power behind it as well
grand lovers & interesting rivals

Leo and Virgo
Leo is drawn to Virgo’s intellectualism
Virgo doesn’t understand Leo’s dramatic nature
Leo can’t get from cool, reserved Leo the sexual responsiveness it demands
Virgo is practical & prudent
Leo is extravagant & spendthrift
Leo likes to live life in a really big way
Virgo is conservative, frugal, & a nitpicker, which puts a damper on Leo’s high spirits
Virgo won’t be dominated either
Leo needs lots of flattery, but Virgo’s tendency is to puncture inflated egos
both should look elsewhere

Leo and Libra
Leo’s creative side meshes well with Libra’s penchant for artistic & esthetic pursuits
Leo is more interested in the strictly physical side of love than Libra
Leo’s style & brio can win Libra over
Libra is indecisive
Leo will naturally take charge
the checkbook may not always balance because they’re both extravagant & love a beautiful setting in which to shine
each will try to outdo the other in order to get attention
in the bedroom Leo is the master & that’s what Leo likes

Leo and Scorpio
immediate sexual fascination with each other
Leo finds it hard to cope with Scorpio’s jealously & possessiveness
intense, smoldering Scorpio is on a too-short fuse
Leo is much more buoyant
Leo thinks Scorpio doesn’t understand Leo’s need to be continually surrounded by an admiring audience
Scorpio would rather dominate that admire & that doesn’t suit Leo’s kingly state
sex isn’t everything

Leo and Sagittarius
Leo is enthralled by optimistic, extroverted Sagittarius
fun-loving Sagittarius is enchanted with Leo’s sunny openness to life
together they share a liking for freedom, adventure & meeting new people
both are passionate & fiery sexual types
if anyone can keep Sagittarius faithful its Leo
Leo’s natural quality of leadership brings out what loyalty Sagittarius can give
Leo is very proud but self-confident & expansive Sagittarius is perfectly happy to let Leo strut

Leo and Capricorn
Leo’s romantic, expansive nature is curbed by cautious, practical Capricorn
merry Leo likes to kick up its heels but Capricorn disapproves of too much self-indulgence
both are highly sexed but with basic differences
Leo needs glamour in lovemaking & Capricorn can’t supply it
Leo will think Capricorn is stingy with affection
Capricorn’s reserved, undemonstrative nature cannot give Leo the adoration it needs
neither will take a backseat or let the other dominate
will be on the rocks before it even leaves the dock

Leo and Aquarius
initial physical attraction between these two
Aquarius’s tendency to analyze & criticize will shake Leo’s confidence & deflate its ego
Leo views Aquarius’s aloof emotions as personal rejection
Aquarius’s unconventional, experimental approach to love may prove upsetting to Leo, who doesn’t wander too far afield
both like socializing & meeting new people
Leo always needs to perform on stage, which makes Aquarius impatient & irritable
Aquarius is too independent to become Leo’s devoted subject

Leo and Pisces
Leo is flamboyant & domineering
Pisces is unworldly & mystical
intrigue each other because they are so different but differences don’t mesh well
Leo’s active, out-going nature doesn’t harmonize with Pisces’s dreamy introspection
Leo needs public acclaim while Pisces prefers the sheltered life
both are more inclined to take than to give
Leo can’t tolerate Pisces’s ultra sensitivity and inclination toward exotic boudoir activity
before long the lion will start to roam

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