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Renovate Your Relationship

Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great day. Today we are going to give you another tip to try for the New Moon tonight.

This will help you to renovate your relationships and seed a new cycle of opportunity to attract the best partner for your life. The planets, the stars, the angels and guides all gather at this new Moon to aid and assist your efforts at finding true and lasting love — even if those efforts entail enhancing an existing relationship.

There is a solid method in Feng Shui that promises happy and healthy results when trying to find a significant other. Find someone who has gotten married in the last three months and take to them nine items that you carry with you pretty much every day, such as keys, wallet, rings, credit cards, etc.

 Take these items to the newlywed wrapped inside a red cloth. Ask them to handle these objects, which will then transmit or imbue them with an indelible marriage Chi or energy.

When these items are then returned to you, so is this happy and romantic Chi. Bring the bundle back to your own bedroom and place it overnight in the ‘Romance/Relationship’ area. Then, put everything back where it belongs the next day. Expect! Believe! Receive!

Good Luck. As always if you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net. Hope you get a change to get out there & enjoy tonight’s New Moon.


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