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Sagittarius Compatability

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day. At least the sun is out today, although it is still cold. Today, we are going to continue with the compatibility of the signs, moving on to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Aries
both share a similar approach to sex
added to a mutual love for the outdoors and a fondness of socializing & you can see why they get along
well-suited intellectually
both have a wide range of interests & love to talk about them
Sagittarius is more philosophical about problems than Aries who becomes personally involved
one question mark is their combustible temper
arguements are heated but short-lived & the making up will be fun
a perfect match

Sagittarius and Taurus
Taurus wants to run things but Sagittarius won’t be controlled
Sagittarius needs change, variety, & adventure
steady, disciplined, home-loving Taurus finds this irritating
Taurus approves of tried-and-true ways of doing things
Sagittaruis will try anything
blunt Sagittarius what it thinks at the drop of a hat & that brings Taurus’s temper to a slow simmer
there are also money problems, Sagittarius gambles today while Taurus hoards for tommorow
short furture for this pair

Sagittarius and Gemini
both are restless, adventuresome, imaginative, & fun-loving
there will be shooting stars in the bedroom for a while but when the fireworks fizzle the bickering begins
both have bright minds
Sagittaruis is outspoken & bossy
Gemini likes to poke verbal fun
too rootless & discontent to settle down they eventually both succumb to the siren call of the other interests & other loves
parting should be amicable

Sagittarius and Cancer
Cancer’s sensuality and romantic imagination intrigues inquiring Sagittarius
Sagittarius is both venturesome & cerebral while Cancer is cautious & emotional this pair will never understand each other
Sagittaruis can’t supply the security & stablilty Cancer needs or endure Cancer’s moodiness & jealously
blunt Sagittarius wounds sensetive Cancer without even realizing it
when Sagittarius seeks outside stimulation away from home, Cancer nags, whines & tries to hold on tighter
better as friends

Sagittarius and Leo
exciting times ahead fo this ardent pair
self-confident Leo holds the key to unloocking Sagittarius’s deeper passions & their love life is an adventure
enjoy travel, meeting new people , and other’s company
Leo loves freedom as much as Sagittarius, so there won’t be problems with jealously or possessiveness
Sagittarius has the lightness of touch necessary to cope with Leo’s monumental ego
grand mating

Sagittarius and Virgo
shy, reticent, Virgo can’t take the initiative, which makes Sagittaruis think Virgo is prudish
both have intellectual learnings, so may have interesting converstaions in bed
Virgo looks for order and simplicity
Sagittarius looks for excitement & new experiences
Virgo wants long term commitment
Sagittarius has to be free to roam
Sagittarius’s slapdash ways irritate meticulous Virgo
Vigro carps & criticizes this is sometimes a way of showing it cares
Sagittarius will never understand that

Sagittarius and Libra
Sagittarius is charmed by Libra’s artistic, elegant, easygoing nature
Libra is fascinated by Sagittarius’s lust for adventure
Libra is more romantic than Sagittarius
sexual harmony is delightful
Libra casts a tolerant eye on Sagittaruis’s frolicking & may slow down Sagittarius’s pace
Libra knows how to turn on the sexual charm
Libra loves home & luxury
Sagittarius prefers the outdoor life
Librans are the artists at working out such problems

Sagittarius and Scorpio
Scorpio tries to clip Sagittarius’s wings and keep it in a cage
brooding, pent-up Scorpio just can’t deal with open, ebullient, outspoken Sagittarius
Sagittarius’s far-roaming interests make Scorpio jealous
romantically, a volatile combination
Sagittarius is playful about sex & finds Scorpio’s intense, dominating passions too much cope with
Sagittarius’s inclination is to fly
Sagittarius is also quick tempered & cools quickly
Scorpio’s anger seethes until it erupts in fury
tempermental, difficult union

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
astrologers believe the only fit mate for a Sagittarius is another Sagittarian
seem perfectly suited: two independent, freedom-loving roamers
exciting chaotic, eventual realtionship is too unpredictable to suit either of them
have a tendency to bring out the worst in each other
each remains uncommitted and has so many outside interests that this pair inevitably drifts apart
will be good sports when the fun is over

Sagittarius and Capricorn
Capricorn’s demands can’t be satisfied by Sagittarius’s flighty, light-hearted approach to love
have high aspirations in life, but their appproaches are totally different
Capricorn wants to climb to the top of the mountain
Sagittarius wants to fly over the top
Sagittarius’s frank outspoken nature is sure to rile Capricorn’s sensibilities
Capricorn is restricitive, a loner, known for its dour outlook
Sagittarius is venturesome, sociable & expansive
Capricorn is cautious with money & concerned with appearances
both should look elsewhere

Sagittarius and Aquarius
both share a great zest for living & a forward-looking viewpoint
neither will try to tie down the other
both seek to explore possibilities to the fullest
share an idealism about love & life
Aquarius is innovative
Sagittarius loves to experiment
will be imaginative fun in the bedroom
true emotional intimancy may be slow to develop but prospects are wonderful for the long haul

Sagittarius and Pisces
Pisces is drawn to Sagittarius’s life force
Sagittarius is attracted to Pisces’s spirituality
Sagittarius needs a pal & Pisces needs a dream lover
neither can help the other
Sagittarius’s naturally buoyant spirits are anchored by Pisces’s dependency & timidity
highly emotional Pisces is looking for more than an occasional sex partner
restless, freedom-loving Sagittarius is looking for nothing but
bedroom high jinks keep things going for a while, but this affair slowly sinks into a quagmire

Be sure to take a look at the characteristics of Sagittarius  to find out  more about your sign.

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