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Hopeful Heart

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts this month. I have been sick & have been in and out of the hospital. I think I have finally kicked this cold. So I will be back to posting everyday again. We have decide against getting a domain instead we are going to offer our services to you right here on our blog. Keep an eye out in the next few days for a new page offering Birth Charts, Numerology Charts, I-Ching Readings, Tarot Readings and much more.

As for today’s post, there are things that we all want, or wish that we could have, this  exercise is great. It’s simple, fun & best of all it works!!! First you want to go to the store & buy a red pen…yes you really have to buy one. I have tried it both ways, with a red pen that I bought just for this exercise & with one that I had laying around the house & it worked with the pen that I bought, not the one I had laying around the house. Not sure why but I’m not one to question fate.

OK, so with a new red pen bought especially for this exercise, take any piece of paper and write down nine things that you are hoping will happen in your life in the next nine weeks.

Next, off it right next to your list, draw a heart with wings coming out the sides.  Color this in with any colors that you like but be sure to spend some time contemplating this small symbol.

The flying heart is actually a universal symbol of hope, and will strike same into your subconscious. Every night for the next nine weeks, right before you slip off to slumber, read this list aloud.

Put it under your pillow and then wait for your dreams to come true. Rest assured, somewhere inside these next nine weeks, your own hopeful heart will take flight and soar!

Good Luck and as always if you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


2 Responses to “Hopeful Heart”

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    Hopeful Heart | Miracles N Magic

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