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Mars: Planet of Energy and Assertiveness

Hello everyone hope you are all have a great day. It is beautiful out, hopefully spring is here!!! Today we are going to talk about  the fourth planet from the Sun…Mars

It is the planet of physical energy, sex drive, forcefulness, and aggression. Mars is the planet that throws you into action.  What are your sexual relationships like?  Is it argumentative?  Passionate?  Do you lose your temper?  Or do you simmer and explode?  How do you handle conflicts? Are you cold or do you show anger?  Do you show strong determination or are you weak willed?  What brings out your fighting spirit.  Mars is known to excite and stir the imagination.  It is known as the “fiery” planet because of its red color and is named after a Roman God of war, whose name means, “bright and burning one.”  Aggressive and quarrelsome, he never hesitated before leaping into a fight.

In astrology, Mars governs energy, boldness, a will to win, ability to turn ideas into action.  This is sometimes called the planet of passion, sexuality, and force; sounds a little like Venus doesn’t it but its with more passion as you can probably see.  It also indicates ambition and desire, courage and strength.

A big part of the planet’s sphere of influence is your sex impulses, because Mars governs the sex organs.  The position of Mars in your chart signifies what causes feelings in your passions and whether you can get your own way.  Mars also brings strife and conflict, tension and anger, accidents and destruction. It rules heat, fire, earthquakes, violence and war.  The negative side of its power can cause sudden injury or illness.

If Mars is prominent in your chart you have a go-getting personality with a lot of energy, strong featured constitution.  You also tend to be enterprising, quick and active, argumentative, quarrelsome, reckless and encounter a great deal of lack of agreement in sexual relationships.  You may be a strong leader, adventurous and pioneering, but also quick tempered, brash, impulsive, and impatient.

From its highest form, Mars, its represents your unleashed energy and human will. Its up to you to use its force to the best of your benefit.

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