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Uranus: Planet of Change & Originality

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day today. I have been out doing errands all morning. Today we are going to discuss Uranus. It is the planet of change and originality, symbolizing the element of surprise in your life.

Uranus brings about events and opportunities. It stirs, shocks and revolutionizes. It is responsible for the flash of the human mastermind that creates something new, whether it is art or science.

Do you often take an action that has no rhyme or reason? Attracted to unusual line of work or odd people? Feel you are more an inventive thinker than those around you? Are you interested in modern science and the latest discoveries? Are you known for being an unusual character?  If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s evident that Uranus is strong in your birth chart.

It’s important that you know the reason where Uranus occupies where it is in your horoscope in order to see where own originality is and special self expression can be made the most of.

Uranus wasn’t known to the ancients. It was discovered 1781.
Uranus was the Roman sky god, first ruler of the universe. It is known as the planet of the future, associated with modern science, invention, electricity, humanitarian movements, and revolution.

There is sudden disorder and swift, unexpected happenings. Its domain is all new, original, different and untraditional.
Uranus relates to your inner will and secret power. It has a deep seated (subconscious) energy within the personality, an unconscious purpose that is revealed over a lifetime.

The position of Uranus tells us whether you have an inventive or unconventional mind (eccentric or unusual) and if you are attracted to odd and peculiar ideas. It also tells us whether you are very smart, what unusual circumstances you encounter at work, travel and relationships; wealth for sudden and dramatic events that mark your life.

If Uranus is prominent, you are inclined to be independent and resourceful. May dress in an unusual manner, create your own style and invent new gadgets. People may be attracted to you because of your “far out” point of view. You may even be psychic.

In addition to having a personal meaning in your horoscope, Uranus is one of three planets that have a generational influence. The other two are Neptune and Pluto.

Uranus’s influence tends to make someone undisciplined, reckless, and stubborn. They have an abrupt manner, rebelliousness, and unpredictable moods.

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2 Responses to “Uranus: Planet of Change & Originality”

  1. Add this:Uranus spin axis is perpendicular to physical pole axis typically express strange quark dynmics of H type root locus diagram.oscillate between negative and positive dampness and positive and negative frequencies matter and anti matter waves are generated typically as strange quark dynamics of its boundary emissions,genes inherit ESP powers of creative magical influence of creating man out of clay as Saalivahanaa who opposed King Vikramadittya.Number 4 is attributed to it.The scientific advancement of telepathy ,thought transference is connected with this.June-July born 4,13,22 are masters of this science.
    S.Nandakumar astro geneticist Oxford -cambridgeanna -Hubble science coordinator.Give me a feedback discussion on Drexler memory molecules of brain for creation of mass and genetic replication out of Uranus effect.

  2. Thanks for the info

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