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Gemstones & Crystals E-J

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day. Today we are going to continue with the Gemstones & Crystals list.

Emerald — This is used in clairvoyance, divination, healing and growth. It also supports magick for faith, foreknowledge, strengthening the conscious mind & resourcefulness. When emerald is worn with aventurine, another green stone, the two work synergistically to rid the body of cancer.

Flourite — This crystalline stone seems to strengthen the conscious mind & thinking skills.

Garnet — This gem was used in the in the Middle Ages to protect the bearer from nightmares. Witches use it for devotion, good health & kindness.

Jade — This stone has long been used as an amulet to encourage prosperity, enhance beauty, & inspire harmony, love longevity & the proverbial “green thumb” for those with bad luck in gardening.

Jasper — This was used by the Ancient Egyptians. Red Jasper is good for love spells & to stir up passions. Brown Jasper is excellent for healing purposes. It also comes in yellow & green but is most common in reddish hues & with mixed, swirlling colors throughout ts surface.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net.


3 Responses to “Gemstones & Crystals E-J”

  1. Love thoseprosperity stones like Jade and Green garnet and emerald!

    Thank you for sharing and I really like your blog!

  2. Your very welcome Rebecca. Jade is my favorite stone, in fact I have a Jade ring that was my great aunts that does not come off my finger. I have really noticed a change since I have been wearing it.

  3. Just thought I had weigh in with a single narrative in the
    feminine side of the discourse. 25 years ago
    my husband asked me to marry him. I agreed but rejected
    the diamond. I always thought they were stupid and have
    not considered them, or some jewelry, an investment. We used the
    cash to pay down some debt and begin ourr union debt free.
    We stayed debt free, paid for our home in 7 years and were both able
    to retire at 50. I really do not begrudge anyone who wants a diamond, or a sapphire, or a art or even a Mercedes but all conclusions have longer term implications
    than people think. Being 53 and retired beats a diamond all-day long.

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