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Lunar Eclipses

Hello everyone how are you all doing? Sorry we haven’t been around for a while. Its been a really rough few months, we have gone through many changes and lost a few people working for us, but we have managed without them. We regrouped & are coming back full force. You are going to see a lot of changes in the coming months. And now for today’s post, we are going to discuss Lunar Eclipses.

A Lunar Eclipse is a great time to feel the natural psychic & magickal power of the Moon. They allow us to work very powerful intuitive magick. Any time of Moon magick is especially potent if performed during the Lunar Eclipse, also during this time your psychic abilities get turned up full force.

I am sure that you are wondering why this happens; it is because that during the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon goes through all its phases in a matter of a few hours.  Making it possible to tap into every phase of the Moon in a short period of time. As you sit back & watch the Moon roll through the Lunar Eclipse, you are experiencing one of nature’s most incredible shows. It is easy to see why in ancient times people were in such awe of this event, and why the believed that it was the work of the gods. I read a wonderful visualization for a Lunar Eclipse in one of my favorite books; Natural Witchery Intuitive, Personal, Practical Magick By Ellen Dugan; during the Lunar Eclipse “the Goddess slowly pulls her burgundy cape across the moon.”

An eclipse occurs when one celestial object passes into the shadow cast by another, a Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon falls under the Earth’s shadow during a Full Moon.

Here are some terms & types of  Lunar Eclipses taken from Natural Witchery Intuitive, Personal, Practical Magick By Ellen Dugan

Apogee — The 2nd Full Moon is at its farthest point from Earth: 252, 700 miles away

Blue Moon— The 2nd Full Moon that occurs within one calender month

Earthshine — The dark, smoky portion of the moon that you can see shining alongside a brilliant crescent. Described as seeing “the old Moon within the new Moon’s arms.”

Harvest Moon— The Full Moon closes to the Autumn Equinox. Typically these occur in September; however,  one out if three harvest Moons do fall in the month of October.

Lunation — One lunar cycle phase

Occultation— An astronomical event that happens when one celestial body passes in front of another, making an object partially or fully hidden in the sky, such as a solar eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse— When only part of the Moon enters the umbra (the umbra being the darker inner section of Earth’s shadow).

Penumbra — The outer part of the Earth’s shadow where sunlight is not completely blocked during an eclipse. It only dims the Moon slightly.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse — This occurs when the Moon only passes through Earth’s outer section of the shadow, the penumbra.

Perigee — When the Moon is the closest distance to Earth, at 221,550 miles. If the perigee falls on a Full Moon phase, the Moon will look slightly larger than normal.

Total Lunar Eclipse — This occurs when the Moon goes entirely into Earth’s darkest, most inner part of the shadow, the umbra.

Total Penumbral Eclipse — A rare type of Lunar Eclipse where the eclipse stays only within the penumbra section of Earth’s shadow, but the sections of the Moon closest to the umbra will look a bit darker than the rest of the Moon.

Totality — The phase of an eclipse when it is total.

Umbra  — This is the region of the complete, darkest shadow created by Earth in an eclipse. In Lunar Eclipses it has a reddish hue.

Zenith — The point in the sky directly above the viewer. Also the highest point of the Moon’s  — or Sun’s — arc across the sky.

Here is a list of when the Lunar Eclipses will occur According to the Witchs Almanac (Spring 2009 – Spring 2010)

July 7th — Partial Lunar Eclipse (Mead Moon)
August 4th — Partial Lunar Eclipse (Wort Moon)
December 30th Partial Lunar Eclipse (Wolf Moon)

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net. Don’t forget to check out our Store if you want to know what your chart says about you & much more.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more on Lunar Eclipses.


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