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The Colors & Magicks of a Lunar Eclipse

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather. I just came back from straighten up my yard a bit. I picked some of my lilacs & lilly of the valley & brought them up. Now, my room smells like spring. I love it. Today we are going to continue talking about Lunar Eclipses.

Although most people believe that the Moon disappears compeletey, this is not true. It actually changes colors, sometimes very dramatically. When the Moon passes through the umbra, the color effect depends on the amount of refracted light. This will cause the Moon to have a reddish color, that varies from one eclipse to another.  There is a way that you can rate the color of a Lunar Eclipse.

A celebrated French astronomer named Andre-Louis Danjon (1890-1967) devised a scale that recoreds the brightness mesurements. It is called the Dajon Scale. In 1958, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society. This is the rating scale:

0 Very dark eclipse: the Moon looks almost invisible
1 Dark eclipse: grey or brownish color, difficult to see
2 Deep red, burgundy, or rust-colored, with a very dark central part in the umbra & the outer rim or the umbra relatively bright
3 Brick-red eclipse, typically with a bright or yellow rim to the umbra
4 Very bright copper or orange-colored eclipse, with a bluish, very bright umbral rim

And now for the Magickal Correspondences for the Colors of a Lunar Eclipse. This scale is something that Ellen Dugan came up with & put in her book Natural Witchery Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick. I thought that it was pretty interesting the way she added the traditional color magick correspondences with the Dajon Scale. Here is that scale:

0 During a deep & dark-toned Lunar Eclipse, work spells & charms for protection, banishings & bindings
1 For this rating, with that dark grey or brown color, try working glamouries or spells for neutrality or invisibility, or to make your actions go unnoticed
2 The dark red hue corresponds with the Mother aspect of the Goddess, as well as healing, love & protection magick
3 An eclipse that rates a 3 on the scale, with a red moon & bright yellow rim, may be a perfect complement to transformation spells or magick that increases your psychic knowledge & reception
4 Finally, an orange-looking eclipse could be worked for magick that increases your personal power & for success

Keep in mind that its not easy to predict the color of the Lunar Eclipse. You are going to have to play it by ear & see what color you are going to experience. A good idea would be to wait til the eclipse is at its peak then go from there.

Well thats all for today. Have fun. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what we talk about next.

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