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October’s Precious Gemstone

Hey everyone hope your all having a great day, today we are going to talk about the precious gem most associated with October; the mystical, magical and quite beautiful opal.

This jewel carries the dual qualities of being able to both absorb and reflect! In fact, it’s believed that whoever wears the opal will be offered opportunities for personal and powerful transformation. The opal is also believed to enhance your self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem while also allowing an innate knowing of how to reach for and appreciate your fullest potential.

Since the opal is also known to amplify, it asks that when you wear it that you consciously and intentionally send out positive thoughts and vibrations. And since opal is also considered a karmic stone, it’s also believed to bring all of those lovely vibes right back to you!

Of all the precious gems, opal is thought to be the one that is the most effective in treating poor health, as it’s said to strengthen the immune system while making the body resistant to infections. Some schools of thought also believe the opal entirely effective when treating or addressing cases of chemical dependency, as it’s said to be able to gift the wearer with the ability to take back control of their lives.

A lot of importance has been placed on this one little stone down through the ages. If you know someone who celebrates a birthday this month, the best and biggest gift you can give are all the excellent energies inherent in this precious gem.

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