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Gemini Symbolic Meaning

Hello everyone hope you all had a great weekend. Today, we are going to continue with the symbolic meaning posts, our next sign is Gemini.

The Sign of Adaptability
May 21 to June 20

Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Day: Wednesday
Season: Summer
Colors: White, Yellow, Multicolor
Plants: Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley, Mint
Perfume: Lavender
Gemstones: Quartz Crystal, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Bi-colored Tourmaline
Metal: Quicksilver

Many 1000 years ago, the ancients were right in choosing the symbol of the twins for Gemini. It’s as if there are 2 different people with 2 different values & opinions within Geminis. You are known for functioning best when you have 2 or more things to do at the same time. Those of you born under this sign are the best communicators of information, especially things that you  have heard & your opinions. Even though you speak clearly & get your point across, you are often misunderstood.

Because you are interested in everything, you can become skilled at anything that you put that lightning-quick mind to. You are known to be the most versatile of signs. It is rare that you will find a Gemini that is good at only 1 thing.  You also have great dexterity. Your desire to comprehend & communicate everything quickly produces both an endless curiosity & an ability to take every side of an issue.

Gemini is one of the 4 mutable, or changeable, signs (the other 3 are Sagittarius, Pisces & Virgo). Mutable signs are flexible & variable. You know how to adapt & adjust.  You are curious to know what life is, & you are more than just willing to adjust your beliefs when information that appeals to you comes along.

You have an abundance of intellectual energy. That’s because you are 1 of 3 astrology signs that are Air signs (the other 2 are Libra & Aquarius) These 3 signs have in common; the desire for communication, freedom of expression, thought & movement. Air is a metaphor for the invisible ideas & thoughts that motivate you.

Geminis don’t gossip, anymore than anyone else that is, you are just better at it & enjoy it more. When you tell someone something they can bet that it’s the most updated information available. You love to be kept up on the latest things, & you try your best to know something about everything. This is how the legendary stories of Gemini’s curiosity came to be. You think that if you only had the time & access to enough information, you could actually come to know everything.

Here are a few characteristics about Geminis:

*You like to be occupied with several simultaneous pursuits.
* Advising others is one of your specialties.
* You know how to combine mental & manual aptitudes.
* Frequent change of scene is important to you.
* You prefer to do practical work, rather than concentrate on abstract theories.
* Your intellect often controls your emotions.
* You try to gain prestige through being affiliated with people of prominence.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, be sure to come back tomorrow for Taurus & also if you Arians would like to know more about your sign be sure to check some of our other posts on Gemini; Spring Signs: Aries, Taurus & Gemini, Gemini Compatibility, Gemini (May 21- June 19).

Also if you would like to learn about the Legend of Gemini be sure to check out our sister site Celestial Powers.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@hotmail.com & we will get back to you as soon as we can.


8 Responses to “Gemini Symbolic Meaning”

  1. Yes, yes, yes and YES.

    I love being a Gemini!

  2. I belong to Gemini

  3. i like this and is tells so much i love being a gemini

  4. I am glad to be a gemini because i am always active n happy.. i am happy with my life

  5. just love it…and proud to be a Gemini…

  6. U guys described my personality perfectly!
    I just love me!!

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    average auto insurance rates. Thanks for sharing with the world.

  8. I love bin a Gemini b cuz we can do so many things including having a power datz so big

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