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Virgo’s Symbolic Meaning

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  Hope you all had a great new year. Mine stunk, I have been sick in bed w/ a stomach bug, but I am feeling better now. Keeping with our promise we are going to be posting everyday & also keeping up to date with our pages. We are also going to be adding some new stuff so be sure to keep checking back. This is going to be a great year for us. We would like to thank everyone that has stuck by throughout the years, even though we haven’t been posting.  And now for today’s post, we are going to continue where we left off with out last post.

The Sign of Reason
August 23 through September 22

Planet Mercury
Element Earth
Quality Mutable
Day Wednesday
Season Summer
Colors Navy blue, Gray, Green, Tan
Plants Fern, Chrysanthemum, Sage
Perfume Patchouli
Gemstones Apatite, Aventurine, White Opal, Peridot
Metal Mercury

The visual depiction of Virgo is a young woman holding shafts of wheat. Virgo is commonly thought of as the “virgin” but it is important to note that the word virgin actually has 2 meanings: the most common meaning refers to a sexually inexperienced individual, but is also means “an independent woman who did things on her own terms and over whom no man held dominion.” Virgos thrive when they are able to do things their own way.

The dual meaning of the word virgin carries over into the dual nature that most Virgos display. Sometimes they are completely confident with their opinions & competence, but other times they are filled with self-doubt and naivete as a young beginner. This aspect of Virgos character correlates perfectly with the fact that Virgo is 1 of the the 4 mutable, or changeable signs. The other 3 are Gemini, Pisces & Sagittarius.

The Sun passes through mutable signs when we here on Earth are preparing for the change of the seasons, and people born during the time of these mutable signs are thought to be highly adaptable under many circumstances. Flexible and open to change, these individuals deal with each situation depending on the needs and desires of the moment. Virgos are more comfortable adapting to outside influences than they are to imposing their will on others.

The shafts of wheat held by the strong young woman represent Virgo’s connection with the earth; this is key because Virgo is an Earth sign — 1 of the 3 signs focused on physical well-being and the practical matters of daily life. The other 2 Earth signs are Taurus & Capricorn. The element of earth symbolizes logic, dependability, and a sense of duty to those who are considered valuable & worthy. People born under the time that the Sun is traveling through one of the Earth signs are most reliable & responsible. They have their feet on the ground and possess a practical gift for understanding the material world.

The wheat that Virgo holds is also symbolic of the harvest– the time of year during which a Virgo’s birthday falls. In agrarian societies, harvest time was the busiest & most important time of the year– hence, Virgo’s hardworking tendencies.

If you are a Virgo, you express the following characteristics:
*You are neat in appearance & personal habits
*You are proficient in performing mental & maunal tasks
*You are economical
*You are practical in your aims
*You prefer serious rather than hilarious companions
*You are inclines to criticize those who are incompetent
*You rarely are rash, hasty, or careless in your decisions or actions

Hope you all enjoyed this post, be sure to check back tomorrow  for Libra. If you Virgos would like to know more about your sign be sure to check some of our other posts; Virgo Compatibility, Virgo (August 23 – Septemer 22) .

Also if you would like to learn about the Legend of Virgo be sure to check out our sister site Celestial Powers.

If you have any questions feel free to email us toughlittlearies@comcast.net and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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  1. thanks iam to express my virgo in the part of my life.

  2. It’s so Great

  3. What about on the cusp too

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