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Hello everyone we have decided to make a new page about Animal Spirit Guides. We will list animals from A to Z, a new animal each day, so be sure to check back to find your animal. All the animals & information will be taken for the book, Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, Ph. D. It’s a great book & we urge you to buy a copy of your own. Each animal will have 3 sections:

1. If (Animal Spirit Guide) shows up it means: This is where you 1st look when you’ve had a sighting or visitation. It lists several possible messages, synthesized from communications the author of the book listed above received from that particular animal spirit guide and other sources. When you’re looking in this section, one or more of the messages will be the most relevant to you. You’ll intuitively discern which of these messages is most significant to you as you read through them.

2. Call on (Animal Spirit Guide) when: This will give you some conditions or issues with which this particular animal spirit guide can help when you call on it through prayer, meditation, contemplation, or journeying.

3. If (Animal Spirit Guide) is your Power Animal: If you’ve identified this spirit animal guide as your power animal, this section will tell you about yourself & how your power animal is reflective of your personality & characteristics. If you call your primary animal your totem animal, these descriptions will also fit.

And now for the Animals:


If Aardvark shows up it means:
Trust your instinctual senses to “sniff out” what’s right for you & what’s not.
It’s best to be slow & cautious when starting a new project or relationship until you feel that it’s safe to move ahead.
This isn’t the time to be particularly social but rather one to spend in quiet & solitude.
Look below the surface of appearances & find out what’s underneath.
Evenings will be most productive time for whatever project or creative effort you’re working on.

Call on Aardvark when:
You’re having difficulty discerning the truth from the falsehoods of a situation or of what someone is communicating to you.
You’re attempting to unearth some important information that will help you resolve some questions you’ve had.
You’ve been assigned to investigate a particular subject related to your work or role & have to get the most relevant information quickly.
You have to get to the bottom of a recent incident or a problem very quickly.

If Aardvark is your Power Animal:
You’re a night person, which is when your energy is at its peak.
You’re a solitary individual, only seeking the company of others on occasion.
You enjoy delving into any subject thats attracts your interest & will explore it in depth.
When you meet people for the first time, you’re very cautious & timid, yet once you feel comfortable, you open up to them.
You don’t settle for long in any one place, instead preferring to move about regularly.


If Albatross shows up, it means:
Whatever issues have been in the way of your spiritual or emotional growth are now cleared.
You’re going through a chaotic period in your life, but you’ll be able to sail through it & come out the other side stronger and even more adaptable.
This is a cycle in your life when you’re wandering about without clear goals or direction, yet one that is necessary for your personal developmental & spiritual growth.
Be patient with yourself as you meander on your quest, trusting that you’ll find what you’re looking for just over the nest horizon.

Call on Albatross when:
You’re facing a burdensome task or a period in your life where there are some unpleasant things to deal with.
You’re getting itchy feet and want to do something adventurous without necessarily having a specific destination in mind.
Others are pressuring you to find stability & purpose, but in your heart of hearts you know that you’re just not ready to do so.
You feel weighted down & trapped by all your responsibilities & obligations, and to break out of the rut you’re in.

If Albatross is your Power Animal:
You’re capable of going the distance when involved with any long-term project.
You have a great deal of resilience, and are able to bounce back from any hardship very quickly.
You seem to be perpetually on a search, even though you’re not always sure what you’re seeking.
As you mature, you attain greater & greater clarity about your life purpose, goals, & direction, even if these change from time to time.
For you th thrive, you must always be involved in some type of artistic & creative pursuit.

ALLIGATOR (Crocodile):

If Alligator shows up, it means:
Take your time to digest what your now learning rather than rushing rushing ahead to pursue further education or gather more information.
You need to be very protective of your personal territory and assertive about setting boundaries.
This is a time for renewal and new beginnings as you emerge from a dark period of your life.
Be sure to gather all the facts and look at the situation from all sides before passing judgement, making any decisions, or taking action.
It’s an important time to honor your ancestors in any way you choose.

Call on Alligator when:
Someone has confided something very personal to you, and you need to keep it hidden & secret.
You’re clearly at the end of one cycle or phase of your life and moving into a new era.
You’ve transgressed your own ethical guidelines, and in doing so have hurt someone else & sincerely want to make amends.
You’re feeling drawn to a study of ancient wisdom & knowledge but are not sure where to begin.

If Alligator is your Power Animal:
You may seem a bit cold to others upon a first meeting, yet given enough time, you can warm up to them.
You keep to yourself most of the time, but when you do reveal yourself, others feel your strong presence.
You move rather slowly & deliberately until someone invades your personal space.
You’re quite shy & a bit of a loner, and when you’re in social situations you tend to go unnoticed.
You take your time assessing any troubling situation, taking action only once you’re satisfied that you have all the necessary information, but when you do act, you do so swiftly and without hesitation or equivocation.


If Armadillo shows up, it means:
You need to set clear boundaries with those whom you feel are intrusive or invasive.
It’s a time to retreat rather than trying to make headway or directly influence the circumstances at hand.
There’s a situation that requires you to dig deeper to discover any underlying deceit or evasiveness.
It’s important to be discerning right now about whom you can trust, especially with particularly sensitive or highly personal issues.
Define to others not only what you don’t want, but more important, what you do want.

Call on Armadillo when:
You need extra emotional or psychic protection from unwarranted and unwanted harassment or criticism.
The best choice is to take flight in order to feel safe.
You need to discriminate between what is safe & what’s not.
You feel that you’re being overly sensitive & reactive to the energies & feelings of others, picking up on them in such a way that it’s difficult to tell what’s yours & what’s theirs.

If Armadillo is your Power Animal:
Although you present a rather tough exterior, you’re actually quite sensitive & a soft touch.
You’re easygoing & move about life more slowly than others, unless threatened, in case you either withdraw or beat a hasty retreat.
You prefer to stay in the background and will do anything to avoid the spotlight.
You have the unique ability to dig in & unearth secrets & hidden motives in others.
You’re very wary of exposing your vulnerabilities, keeping those parts of you protected & hidden.


If Baboon shows up, it means:
You’ve been involved in an intense mental process & need to get grounded & back into your body.
Your family needs your attention & your presence now.
At this time, significant teachings will come about as a result of what you initially thought were foolish mistakes
You need to protect your recent creations by keeping them to yourself, sharing then with only those you completely trust.
It’s a good idea to create a sacred space in your home, if only a small area that’s out of the way of normal traffic, and build a sacred alter in that space.

Call on Baboon when:
You’re feeling spacey & fragmented & need to pull yourself together.
You’ve done something that you regret, and you want to figure out why you did it & what there is to learn from the experience.
You’re in charge of taking care of a child or children, whether yours or someone else’s.
You want to create a haven or refuge for yourself in our near your home.
Your family is embroiled in dissension or conflict, and you want to encourage peace & harmonious interaction.

If Baboon is your Power Animal:
You’re very family oriented, with a deep commitment to, and strong protectiveness toward, your kin.
You’re very effective at working out any problems or conflicts that surface in your family or close group of friends.
You’re very affectionate & enjoy hugging & caressing others you’re close to as a way to show your love & care.
Although you don’t always seem that way to others, you’re very wise & have a deep connection with, and understanding of, ancient mysteries.


If Badger shows up, it means:
You must be persistent & stick with your project to its completion no matter what.
Be willing to ferociously defend your beliefs & principles & meet any challenges or criticism head-on.
It’s time to stop delay & avoidance tactics & get on with what you know you need to do.
Stop always depending on others then resenting them when they don’t come through, & trust that you have the capability to be self-reliant.
Turn your anger & aggression into constructive action with out cutting others to shreds.

Call on Badger when:
You have a long-term goal but feel like giving up on it.
You’re feeling harassed & abused and want to stand up for yourself.
You’re feeling uncertain about moving ahead with any projects.
You’re put into a position of increased responsibility & need support for this new assignment.
You need a physical healing & are unwilling to try conventional methods.

Call on Badger when:
You have a long-term goal but feel like giving up on it.
You’re feeling harassed & abused & want to stand up for yourself.
You’re feeling uncertain about moving ahead with any projects.
You’re put into a position of increased responsibility & need support for this new assignment.
You need a physical healing & we unwilling to try conventional methods.

If Badger is your Power Animal:
You’re very persistent & willing to stick with it for a long time in order to accomplish what you want.
You don’t like confrontation, but if you’re cornered, you’re very willing to fight if necessary.
You’re a powerful & effective healer, often using alternative & unconventional means for healing others.
You sometimes display a rather gruff exterior that masks feelings of self-doubt & timidity.
You’re a very engaging storyteller, with a number of tales that make for inspired teachings.

BARN OWL (Also see Owl)

If Barn Owl shows up, it mean:
Since life is so short, treat every day as precious & live it to the fullest.
Let your heart be open, & don’t let fear get in the way of expressing your love.
Do a house clearing & a blessing, one that will incorporate a way to free up any lost spirits that need to move on.
Take a silent retreat somewhere away from the usual noise, whether for a few hours or a couple days.
You’re entering into a period of considerable abundance, easily fulfilling your needs with in minimal effort.
This is a time requiring considerable adaptability & ingenuity in all your dealings.
Whenever you need help, call on the spirits of your ancestors, and as long as your plea is sincere, they will help.

Call on Barn Owl when:
You’re inundated with lots of noise & need a break from it.
You feel that your emotions & intellect are out of balance.
You believe that your resources are in short supply.
You suspect that there may be unwanted spirits in your home or place of business.

If Barn Owl is your Power Animal:
You’re cleaver & skillful about getting whatever you set your mind on.
You have the gift of clairaudience, the ability to hear messages from the spirit world.
Your hearing ability is very keen, such that you can hear sounds in the environment that others miss.
You’re able to easily tune in to ancestral spirits, especially through your hearing.
You’re excellent at finding resources to sustain you, even in situations where scarcity seems to prevail.

BARRED OWL (Also see Owl)

If BARRED OWL shows up, it means:
Express yourself through your voice, whether singing, humming, or chanting.
Weather any storms your’re now encountering with as much gentleness & grace as you can muster.
Take a walk in the forest or bush, and while doing so, notice the sounds you hear.
Make your intention cooperation, rather than competition or rivalry, in your relationships with everyone.

Call on BARRED OWL when:
You’re having any difficulties or challenges with your throat or voice.
You have a interest in acting or any kind of work where you use your voice.
You’re with someone who seems overly competitive.
You want to build your self-confidence without getting too brash or overbearing.

You’re very generous, willing to share just about anything you have.
You’re charming, vivacious, easy to get along with, & almost everyone you meet takes a liking to you.
You’re very good at acting, changing in & out of character, & mimicking vocal expressions & sounds with your voice.
You’re amicable & cooperative, even with those you don’t particularly care for.


18 Responses to “Animal Spirit Guides”

  1. Thanks for the great baboon information! I was doing energy work for someone else when it appeared as a spirit guide for the session, and the book I’ve used only had North American type animals. So this was really helpful to find.

  2. In the last month owls either in physical form, pictures,in lots of different ways have been presenting themselves to me. Your posts most welcome & informative.
    Many thanks.

  3. your very welcome. i will be updating it soon, with more animals. just been really busy working and with life.

  4. I have the spirit of the wolf the white horse and the cheetah thats all I know so far can you put ther meaning

  5. as soon as I can or the other person who gets to it first, we will

  6. Lily, I will get to them as soon as I can. We are starting up again as of 1/1/12. I am posting them alphabetically so some might take longer. Just keep checking back. Or you can email me at toughlittlearies@comcast.net and I will send them all to you.

  7. Thanks for the information about the barred owl. One keeps showing up in my backyward and “whooping”. Today, I was lucky enough to venture into the woods to see it up close. Seeing the owl is a definite sign that I’m coming out of my shell and truely using my voice and inner talents. 🙂

  8. Had a visitation from spirit of Albatross in a dream…. the words you’ve put up are absolutely! spot on for what I am experiencing during this period of my life… reading your/ dr Farmer’s words was very relieving and considerably cheering. Thank you for your work.

  9. The last 5 years have been spiritually over the top. Down right crazy. Culminating in a ball of blue and white light (like lightning) flashing in my house. It flashed above my wife and to her side about 5 feet away from her. It made no noise, I was about 10 feet from her sitting on the sofa when it occured. She looked totally shocked. It was not lightning or any electircal burst. It was truly like lightning in my house. Ironically I was nearly hit by lightning last summer on a hiking trip, and it looked very similar, but I actually was shocked by the lightning. This had no fell or sound, just an electrical pulse.

    My wife was convinced that i t was a message for her and I was a witness. I later asked for clarity during meditation and was conign up blank until just as I wasz about to quit when a clear voice said Albatross to me in my medittion.

    I read your work here and it is spot on in describing her situation. Life is a total trip right now, and weird shit just keeps happening. I try to ignore stuff but it won’t stop.

    Anyhow, just venting off and letting you know your entry on Albatross was very accurate.


  10. Silly question time: Are there prayers or rituals to connect with the Albatross as a spirit guide? I already feel a strong connection to wind energy/spirit, which is a long, bizzare, uplifting story. That the Albatross could be a physical manifestation of this just recently hit me in a jarring thunderclap-like realization — like I might have figured it out years ago, and finally just got it now. Any help in “connecting” with this guide’s virtues — and/or thanking it for entering my life — would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Jan.10, I spied a wonderous Barred owl, sunning himself. We live in Southern NH surrounded by forest; so to see one os not unusual. I always feel safe when I hear them at night, and feel so privileged when I glimpse one during daylight. They appear to me to be so soft, so gentle, yet I know they gifted hunters- a force to be revered, able to command respect. Just a few of the attributes I would like to mentor. The words about intending cooperation and avoid competition speaks to me.
    Thank you ever so much for placing the information on the web!

  12. Butterfly is always showing me up…

  13. Butterfly is always showing me up. Is it my animal spirit?

  14. ok i have a strange question, i just moved into a new house a week ago, my three year old woke up at 3:01 a.m. and went straight to my bedroom looked to the ceiling and started saying hi mouse, hi. mommy look there is a mouse up there, he said run the mouse mommy the mouse. he was laughing though, so i don’t think he is afriad, but i just wonder what this is. before we left the house today he said goodbye to it. he even went to same spot. pleas i could really use some help on this one.

  15. I am an INFJ, meaning I have some of the most odd traits, including finding out new things, hearing things others do not. I did some research on Barn Owls, finding them intriguing. I realized after reading this, that my spirit animal is the barn owl. I am happy to see people being honest, and that makes me truly feel good. I am the Barn Owl.

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  18. […] A bit later, after Petunia has successfully pooped, I Google “what does seeing a barred owl mean,” and find the following on a site run by some witches (https://miraclesnmagic.wordpress.com/animal-spirit-guides/): […]

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