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Daily Little Reminders

We decided to add a new page, on this page we will give you a little reminder of the day. They will be coming from Amy Zerner & Monte Farber’s The Law of Attraction oracle cards. There are 36 cards all having a main theme & a quote or affirmation.

Thursday December 11, 2008


“I surround myself with supportive people who believe in my dreams”

Friday December 12, 2008


“My intuition guides me to people, places & jobs that I enjoy.”

Saturday December 13, 2008


“I can manifest love & respect when I love & respect myself.”

Sunday December 14, 2008


“I focus my logical mind to make smart, effective, business decisions.”

Monday December 15, 2008


“I attract success and positive people into my life with my positive attitude.”

Tuesday December 16, 2008


“I effectively communicate and clarify my needs in order to achieve my goals.”

Wednesday December 17, 2008


“My fear or rejection does not stop me from bravely going forward.”

Thursday December 18, 2008


“I act on my instincts and notice the signs and symbols in my life.”

Friday December, 19 2008


“I am always ready to take advantage of opportunities presents to me.”

Saturday December 20, 2008


“I recongnize and appreciate all that inspires me to feel empowered.”

Sunday December 21, 2008


“The universe will show me the right path to take to reach my goal.”

Monday, December 22, 2008


“I am motivated and motivated people help me to improve my finances.”

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


“I set my intention and trust in my abilities to improve my circumstances.”

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


“When I focus on positive energy I am aware that I attract more of it.”

Friday, December 26, 2008


“I choose to relax and not to fill my mind with worry, as that creates stress.”

Saturday, December 27, 2008


“Special friends are there to help me and bring me strength during difficult times.”

Sunday December, 28, 2008


“I make mental pictures of my goals that are simple & to the point.”

Monday December 29, 2008


“I am flexible & adaptable to change while I pursue my ambitions.”

Tuesday December 30, 2008


“I feel worthy & have very special talents that will help me achieve my dreams.”

Friday January 2, 2009


“I am patient, persistent, and displined in pursuing my goals.”

Saturday January 3, 2009


“I believe that each check I write brings money back to me tenfold.”

Sunday January 4, 2009


“Every day I practice my ability to reach my desired financial goals.”

Monday January 5, 2009


“I center and ground myself despite emotional upset around me.”

Tuesday January 6, 2009


“I choose to be debt free and live an affluent & healthy life.”

Wednesday January 7, 2009

No Doubt

“I will eventually achieve success because I don’t allow myself doubt.”

Thursday January 8, 2009


“I am open in my heart & mind to receving the blessings that I deserve.”

Friday January 9, 2009


“I choose to feel secure and to work so that my bank accouont is full.”

Saturday January 10, 2009


“Money is positive energy and it allows me to be generous to others.”

Sunday January 11, 2009


“I am certain that I will reach my goal while letting go of how it will happen.”

Tuesday January 13, 2009


“I am ambitious & do not procranstinate or waste time being negative.”

Wednesday January 14, 2009


“I have faith that I can manifest the wealth and properirt that I desire.”

Thursday January 15, 2009


“I attract and magnetize to me all that I need to get what I want.”

Friday January 16, 2009

Good Fortune

“The universe provides me and my family with prospects for good fortune.”

Saturday January 17, 2009


“Riches flow into my life in many ways & form many directions.”

Sunday January 18, 2009


“I am grateful for and appreciate all the abundance I have in my life today.”

Monday January 19, 2009


“I am fair and honest, and tat attracts fairness and honesty into my life.”

Sorry we havn’t posted your daily reminders in a few days, we have been working on getting more.

Saturday January 24, 2009

Say an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ to something today. Look for opportunities to affirm and invite positive things into your life. Don’t turn anything down. Remember, sometimes the word ‘NO’ is short for going ‘NOWHERE.’ Say ‘YES’ to your life, you’ll be very glad you did!


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