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Dream Dictionary D-F

Dancing – If you are dancing alone, this may be a regression to a more sacred understanding of dance. If you are dancing alone, is the style of dance appropriate to solitary movement, or are you dancing in a waltz pose without a partner? Perhaps you feel as though the others are not following your lead or fulfilling their half of the deal in a relationship.

Dancing with others may include a sense of uncoordinated participation with the world around you, depending on the dance and nature of clothing. Do you fit in well? Another variation on dancing with others is moving through diversity in relationships. This may be especially true if you are considering beginning a romantic relationship among several choices of partner.

Others dancing for you may indicate your perception of them, especially if the dance has flirtatious or overt sexual content. This may reflect either your feelings of desire for them or a sense of their desire for you. Dreams of this kind may strike the dreamer as crass or exhibitionist in nature. Is it sexual, performance, or ceremonial-and why?

If the dance and music seem incongruent, or if you are dancing without music, do you doubt the appropriateness of any facet of your life or relationships?  


Dates – Many times in dreams, dates and numbers are used as a signal to identify something from the dream that will translate to waking life. In dreams, dates may be clues to guide you toward a time or event that is serving as the trigger for the dream.


Dead/AliveDead people who appear alive in dreams have three general categories of participation: cameo, resolution, and judgment.

Cameo participation is a little eerie in recall, but not particularly noteworthy in the dream itself. In these cases, the dreamer simply sees a dead person intact and living, just hanging out in the dream scene. Often there is little direct participation in the dream per se. The dream image probably is tied to an activity that the dreamer and dead person once participated in together. Most likely, there is a latent sense of missing the person that made the dream appearance possible.

Resolution participation usually involves a specific action with the dead person. In this case, the dead person’s presence is central to the unfolding storyline. Either you lack something they need or they act in a way to provoke emotion (positive or negative) from you. In either case, the transaction or inability to complete it revolves around some deficit that needs resolution in the relationship. These dreams may carry a sense of judgment or joy, depending on whether or not the relationship transaction is resolved.

Judgment can often involve the dead person as a dead person or zombie. These dreams are particularly troubling as we often see ourselves as unable to reverse of complete the necessary actions to salvage a situation.


Diamonds – The diamond is a crystal of riches, romance, and strength. It is the hardest and most valuable stone. Dreams containing diamonds may be a wish for wealth or a reflection on the futility of riches. Do you perceive others as substantially more or dramatically less well-off than yourself? Do the diamonds inspire fear, embarrassment, or boasting on your part towards others? 

DiseaseCuring diseases may be a projection of your benevolence for the world. Many of us want to feel as though we are good people who have something to contribute. Disease and the cure thereof allow us to feel power to influence the outcome of other’s lives.
Getting a disease could be revealing of a self-defeating lifestyle choice if the disease creates a particular handicap. If the disease is transmitted from a particular person, you may be ambivalent about their influence in your life. If the affliction holds taboo quality, for example, AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease, there may be internal anxiety about the moral quality of your life. Getting a disease can also reflect a fear that is either rational (family history) or irrational (news story as trigger event).

Is the disease peculiar in that it is only apparent to certain persons or only comes over you in the presence of certain others? The body often symbolizes the emotional content of relationships.

Are you embarrassed by the disease and its consequences, or do you tell others about it? 

 Disproportionate Objects — Woody Allen, in the movie Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), gave us a breast as big as a house. This breast was a terrifying and consumptive thing. Yet breasts receive so much attention many times, it is hardly surprising that they occupy tremendous perception power in our world.  
Dogs – Dogs can be great friends or frightening adversaries. In dreams, the friendly dog may be a representation of a trustworthy relationship or intuitive affirmation of it. The wild dog may represent a nagging, ongoing struggle with a seemingly irresolvable conflict. (Of course, either case may just be a replay of a life situation starring a real dog that you know, either friend or foe.)Do you want someone who is unfairly persecuting you to call off the dogs?   Dining – The act of social eating is an interesting mixture of sensuality, personal interaction, and just plain survival. In dreaming, it is usually remarkable for the camaraderie that accompanies it or the method of preparing the meal.

Electrical Shock – Electrical shock and other energy emanations are often associated with trying to cross a taboo line or some other kind of punishment. Sometimes the energy is not from a traditional source (i.e., cattle prod, electric fence, stun gun), but is rather the projection of power against us from another dream figure. Probably because of the paralyzing power of electrical shock and the invisible nature of electricity, we feel invisibly restrained or unable to move. The taboo we are violating may be obvious, such as trying to enter a place that is forbidden or it may be more general, trying to assume too much personal power in the cosmos. Either way, being confronted by electrical or other energy metaphors can be a jolting dream event.

Did you notice where the shock came from, or did it surprise you? Did the shock hurt or disable you, or was it merely a nuisance?


Fences –  May be symbols of personal separation in a negative sense, or protection in a positive one. These meanings are often derived from specifically who the fence is separating us from. If you can discern a feeling about what may happen if the fence were traversed (would it be better or worse), that may tell the role the fence is playing in the dream.

Fences can also be a source of boundary. This is true if there is a sense that the fence cannot be traversed. What are the boundaries of your life in relationship to other characters in your dream? Perhaps you want to change those boundaries and move a relationship in a new direction. If you are alone at your fence, perhaps you need to or are protecting yourself from others more or excessively.
 FireBurning is a tremendous fear many people from many different cultures hold in common. However, it is often simultaneously associated with purification. To pass through fire intact is to see one elf as becoming purified. However, being burned may indicate that one perceives life as extraordinarily threatening and painful. If a particular object is on fire (house, car, etc.), this may symbolize over.

Do you question your own morality at times? Are you seeking cleansing from a bad experience?

Do you perceive your own life is about to go through a significant transition that requires spiritual preparation?


Flowers — Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty. To discern a particular meaning, the color of the flowers may be as significant as the flowers themselves. This is especially true for flowers of unusual or nonsensical colors such as green roses. In a dream it would not be surprising to get green roses from a dear friend. This would happen if you are dating your friend’s heartthrob in waking life or you sense jealousy from them concerning your romantic attachments.

Consequently you may have acquired knowledge about flower meanings that your subconscious is now accessing to illustrate a point. This can be especially true if you are given flowers by or are giving flowers to another.

Do particular flowers have special memories for you due to childhood, the death of a loved one, or a prom date or wedding?

Here are some common reference points for particular flowers:

Lilac — Poison, Illness, Death
Daisy — Indecision about feelings, giver illustrates issue of concern
Orchid — Sexuality and sensuality
Rose — Poison White = purity, Black = death
Lily — Renewal, springtime, ressurection
Narcissus — Self-love, personal reflection

FlyingWithout Assistance – Flying in a dream is a fairly common, but very powerful event. Flying events seem to be divided among those who fly spontaneously in their dreams and those who have a lucid dreaming event and choose to fly. In either case, the dreamers report powerful feelings of freedom in the flight.

Flying as a spontaneous event often includes some special effort, like flapping one’s arms, to get going. However, many people experience flight as soaring by a mysterious, jet-like power. These events are precipitated by a strong desire to travel or an imminent danger that requires escape.
Flying as a lucid dreaming choice is often of the levitation variety. These dreamers simply choose to fly because, in the reality of their dream, they know they may. This may be related to astral projection or an out-of-body experience that some people undergo.
These flights allow dreamers to transcend circumstances and acquire a more favorable or safer perspective. What prompted the will to fly-danger or euphoria-and where did the flight lead? 

Food – Food, like eating, is a powerful image. Foods may be scenery, or may be central images in the dream. Who prepared the food can also be an important detail to understanding what it means. For example, if there is a bowl of potato salad like Aunt Sally used to make and she has been dead for two years, Aunt Sally, or her personal influence, may be important to dream insights.

Excessive amounts of food may herald fertility, gluttony, or wealth. (How did the excessive food get into the dream and how did people in the dream react to its presence?) It may be that you or others have divergent views of what constitutes excess or gluttony. Provision and fertility often go hand-in-hand: You may dream of needing more food than another because you believe you have additional responsibilities. It may be that the food was acquired simply because the means existed to acquire it-this can mean wealth or benevolence, depending on what becomes of the food.

Fresh food may be a sign of renewal. This can present itself as needing to get fresh food (take a sabbatical), having fresh food (feeling as though this is a renewing place you’re dreaming of), or harvesting (being in touch with nature or feeling proud of work ou’ve accomplished).

Spoiled food is a sign of waste, excess, gluttony, or mismanagement. These dreams often carry a sense of repulsion for the loss, order, or appearance of the food. Have you ever struggled with your weight, food as a comforter, or an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia?

Were you put in uncomfortable positions because of food and others forcing you to eat unwanted items or unsatisfactory quantities? Do the foods in the dream correspond to significant persons in any of these emotional transactions? 


Fox – The fox is a predator of great cunning and wiles. To dream about the fox is to see one self as either possessing or being victimized by such attributes. The focus on this symbol should be your sense of fear or kinship toward the fox. Whether you like or dislike the fox will determine the representation of the world and your relationships in it. If the fox is an adversary, the object that the fox is trying to take from you may be revealing.

A fox appearing in your dream should indicate that the qualities you most associate with a fox are somewhere at play in your life; either by you against someone else, or by someone else against you.

Is there someone else in the presence of the fox that shares its qualities? Is there another person in the dream who seems to be approaching you with caution?


Fruit – Fruit can be a symbol for femininity, harvest, or decay. However, it could just as easily fall into interpretations of food. Therefore, how the fruit was present in your dream should be carefully considered. Did you offer fruit to someone, or vice versa?  Did the presence of a particular kind of fruit in the dream correlate to an appearance of that fruit in your recent waking life? 

Nonsensical Means – In addition to flying independently, dreamers may fly on bikes, cars, boats, or other non-airborne equipment. These flights are generally brought about by circumstances where the current means of travel suddenly became inadequate or endangers the dreamer. A good example of this type of flight would be a bicycle that becomes airborne rather than be struck by a car. This dream may reveal a dreamer that sees dangers as inconsequential. It may also be a hero dream. 

If you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net and we will be happy to help you out.




What is being eaten is also worth examination. In some families, particular dishes become associated with the family identity in general or particular members of the family. These may include foods no one particularly likes or good foods prepared by someone nobody particularly likes. The point is that food becomes a symbol for our lore and story as a family.

Of course, a nonsensical meal or method of preparing may also accompany the eating event. This may reflect either the absence or presence of particular characters or a lack of knowledge given a preparation that is outside the family’s traditional menu. The symbol content of the food (liver, who died of liver trouble?) or persons involved with particular foods should be associated through the memory.

Is the dining situation a friendly one or even a celebration? Is the food very unusual or otherwise remarkable? Does the fact that you are dining with certain people in your dream merely provide a setting for those characters to address other issues?

 Eagle – The eagle is an important Native American symbol, as well as having a place in the ancient literature of Greeks and Hebrews. All these images exist in our common-day lore on roughly equal terms.

The eagle is a symbol of great wisdom and vision in the lore of Navajo and Crow Native American legend. As such, it is often associated as a sacred emblem that sets the dreamer apart for special uses by the Great Spirit.

In Hebrew and Greek literature, the eagle is a symbol of power. Given its great size and strength, eagles were able to remove even small livestock from the herds. This gave the eagle a persona of majesty, power, and fear. To dream of the eagle is to be spiritually validated as a person of great wisdom and insight concerning both this world and the spiritual realities beyond the comprehension of this world.

 Earth –– The Earth has numerous symbolic roles in dream language. Mother Earth and Mother Nature are idioms used to describe the Earth as a source of life. In dreams, this often translates to the Earth as a source of our being. Other dreams of earth include worry over having a home, being outcast, or chaos dreams involving the end of the world.Dreams that include fear of environmental destruction may appear because of news garnered from the daily headlines. 

 Elephant — In the Zulu culture, the elephant is the symbol for wisdom, patriarchy, and sacred relationships (similar to the bear or eagle in Native American culture). It is important to notice that geographically different cultures find symbols within their own contexts to convey universal themes of human concern.
Also, most western cultures revere the elephant as powerful and possessing a strong memory. Because of our common acknowledgment that elephants have powerful memories, to dream of an elephant may be an association with the act of memory-this may point to something forgotten in your life.

In dreams, certain objects may assume unusual proportions. This significance often reflects the importance of the object to the dream story as well as the emotional dimensions of the object. Emotional dimensions refer to the importance people place on others, on things or on situations. For example, it is often difficult to help people perceive the emotional power of family members. If you ask them to draw their childhood house-apportioning rooms based on the amount of influence and memories they have about the places-the emotional dimensions of the home become clear.

Many times, people have attached emotional dimensions to very positive or very negative experiences that alter the dimensions of those objects in their subconscious perception. A spouse who feels emotionally chastised may dream of oversized silverware, reflecting the dimensions of a spoon used to give spankings in childhood. 


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  1. I had a dream about my own dog and i.e. My dream also had a squirl in it and we were hiding underneath this really tall reading where there was this small door that lead to some also small place. I’m costophobic so I really don’t get why I didn’t have any problems. I’ve been having dreams about dogs for 2 days straight. My first dream had heaps of dogs in it and they were just laying with each other, and then there was this one cute, fluffy golden colored puppy that just kept on following me everywhere I went.

  2. I had a stranged dream last night. This is the story on my dream: I was with my friends- friends which I don’t really know/ acquainted with. While chatting with them I saw plenty of ghost- Green luminescent ghost walking downstairs. As I watch them I was confused why they are all in green color and one woman is wearing a veil like mother mary. I just stared and suddenly I turn right and saw saints (statue). I am holding a flower (white flower) and while sprinkling like a child who plays a magic wand, the saints were magically touched by the sprinkle of my flower’s sparkle and the saints become humans and wore the same attire. While watching them play I felt happy because they are so real.
    I don’t know what’s the meaning, please interpret it for me. Thanks.

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