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Dream Dictionary G-I

Garden – Dreams about gardens may be metaphors for your perception of your life. Well-ordered or over-run, productive or dying on the vine, such dream images reflect how we feel about ourselves.Often a garden makes up the setting for a dream in which other factors take precedence; however, the fact that your dream takes place in a garden is also significant in a minor sense.

Ghosts – A ghost may represent something that is gone but not forgotten-or something that is almost forgotten but that you simply cannot release.The appearance of deceased relatives usually tells of unresolved issues. In these cases, you should pay particular attention to the surroundings, the other characters present, and any unique aspects of the apparition.

 However, for others who are more awed by the gun’s power to cause death, the gun is a taboo symbol. Dreaming about guns from this context reveals a sense of being deeply threatened by the environment of the dream or persons in the dream. The gun may represent a nearly desperate need to reassert personal control in the situation or to find personal power in relationship to others. 

 GiftsWhat is given and to whom? This may indicate a relationship equity being worked out in the dream-a conveyance that attempts to equalize the relationship or symbolizes the nature of the deficit in the relationship.On what occasion is the gift given? If there is a particular event connected to the giving-birthday, holiday, etc.-it is valuable to see what the particular expectations of the event are. Whether or not the gift is appropriate to the expectations will say much about the event.

It may be that a gift is expected and none is available. This may reflect an inability to meet the expectations of others or of others to meet yours.
Another possibility may be that you are not understanding the expectations of others.  

God: Judeo-Christian – God images in dreams are very diverse. Often, it is not God as a direct visual image that you encounter, but something that is known to contain a projection of God’s power and presence (religious icons, a bible); or it is simply a sensation that some high-powered entity is present. Many times, the object or presence will somehow illuminate us to a providential solution to a problem that is confronting us in the dream. Other times, the symbol may block progress as a warning. This may be especially true if we are being confronted with a choice that is luring us towards a taboo experience or relationship.

In these dreams, the content of the revelation should be of primary concern. The presence of God, even as a dream image, is not to be taken lightly. Many times, our waking egos prevent clear awareness of the full supernatural possibility of God. Yet, while sleeping, we may be more receptive to direct communication.

Discerning authentic spiritual content should be the concern of the dreamer. Does the Higher Power that appeared in your dream match up with your view of a Higher Power in waking life?

In military parlance, there are authentication codes for messages to insure that an impostor is not compromising official orders. You should probably employ this type of authentication process before accepting the possibility that you were, indeed, visited by your Supreme Being in a dream.

Checking the content of the revelation for consistency with the character, nature, and intentions of God should be thoroughly explored before acting on any dream revelation.

Did the image of God frighten or threaten you? Consider actions or thoughts in your life which may warrant such policing.

Was your dream guest trying to tell you something? Consider points of confusion in your life to determine if the dream was one of guidance. 


 Gold – Gold is the universal symbol of purity and wealth. The acquisition of gold may be a display of power or wealth. The source of the acquisition as a conquest, gift, or discovery is important.

Equally important is the sacred element that comes into play. How is the gold used and what kind of wealth or power does it represent in the dream? It may be that you get a golden helmet, similar to Don Quixote’s. This is an archetypal form of sacred power for completing a mission or hero quest.

Did you find, lose, give, or receive an article that is made out of gold? Did the object make you feel better or worse?


Grocery Store – The grocery store is a place of necessity, compared to the department store of diversity and choices. To dream of being in a grocery store may be to dream of acquiring sufficiency for one’s needs. What is important is to look at whether or not the grocery is a good option for acquiring what is needed.
Does the grocery store fit your needs, or do you really need auto parts or some non-food item? This may indicate that you are looking in the wrong place for answers in your waking life.
Do your fellow shoppers seem at ease or harried, and is there a sense that there isn’t enough to go around? This may indicate anxiety over finding a mate, locating the right job, or some other limited commodity in the waking life.

Guns — Dreaming about guns and interpreting these dreams depends greatly on your attitude about guns. There are many people who are comfortable with the life-and-death power of guns and use them recreationally. Whether the dreamer is a recreational target-shooter or hunter, guns may not have much significance apart from what is being shot at or who is hunting with you.

Hats – Hats as noteworthy objects in dreams are not too common. A hat can be seen as an extension of power and influence in the dream. Removal of the hat by another can be taken as an invitation to confrontation. Giving a hat to another may be considered a romantic wish-fulfillment projection.

Also, the presence of a hat may be related to a dream of percieved balding.
In some cases, the hat is simply a reminder of another event, such as a sporting event involving a professional team, or an activity like skiing or fishing. 
Helicopter – The helicopter is an interesting object in our culture. Originally, it was thought that the helicopter would replace the car someday. However, prices never came down, leaving the helicopter as an icon of wealth or authority. Since the Vietnam War, helicopters have become more associated with conflict than commuting.To dream of a helicopter probably means that you envision yourself in a situation of potential hazard or needing to be whisked away from your present circumstances. The former would be expressed in a helicopter as a means of escape. The latter equates images of romance and wealth.

Home –
A lot of things can happen to your home in a dream. It can be built or purchased, destroyed by the weather or war, or conquered or overrun by invaders. Most dreams about homes occur when there is transition, instability, or significant growth occurring in waking life.A home overrun is often reflective of instability in the dreamer’s relationship to the world. Feeling overwhelmed is not unusual. However, if overwhelmed is the chronic condition of your life, then being overrun by a particular sort of person or animal may reflect the source of waking anxiety.The home destroyed may come with geographic relocation, financial pressures, death, or divorce. In these dreams, the home is being pulled apart or somehow losing its ability to provide safe haven. If this dream is occurring in your life, it is worth looking at what influences are stressing your life and the effect they are having on your waking life.

A home built is an expansive view of what is happening in your life. Perhaps you are feeling an upswing in your job or financial base that will allow you to acquire additional opportunities. Perhaps a relationship is or will be changing from dating to nesting. In any case, the home-building dream should be considered a positive one.

Because homes are often a symbol of feminine influence or the womb, interpretive questions arise logically from transitions. Are you or your partner pregnant and needing a nest for the expected progeny? Do you feel a need to involve yourself in a significant relationship with another? Do you feel rootless or too set in your ways?

Hospitals Hospitals really bother us a lot. We are exposed to them at many levels in our own lives and through media and entertainment. Whether you are the patient or the visitor, no one wants to be there. Yet to dream of a hospital is not uncommon. nfection – The unique element of an infection dream is that it may have developed from a specific injury to a specific body part. The location of the wound and how it was infected are central concerns to interpretation of this dream.

As often as not, hospital dreams have little to do with sickness. However, in many hospital dreams, we have good reason to be there. They break down into dreams involving the emergency room, general care, intensive care, being unable to leave, and receiving nonsensical treatment in them.

Emergency room dreams have more to do with the well-being of significant persons and relationships than the emergency room itself. Many times, people involved in emergency room dreams are worried (excessively) about the people coming to see them or the person they are going to see in the hospital.

General care dreams reflect our sense of needing or being needed by others. Differentiated from the above dream, general care dreams do not reflect a crisis-level anxiety, but more of a dependent lifestyle. The relationship in a hospital is a one-way flow from care-giver to patient. This is a picture of dependence.

Intensive care is a place of danger and, at times, release. We all understand that the really sick people are there. It may be that you are needing to let a person go, especially the chronically ill. It may also be a place that reminds you of someone who has already passed.

Being unwilling to leave the hospital may show that you are ambivalent about facing the world independently. For the nuisance that the hospital is, it is also a place of intense care and support. The nature of your illness may be a metaphor for the aspect of your life where extra care and support are needed.

Receiving nonsensical care in the hospital is often a way of working out or illuminating unbalanced needs or demands in life.

Everybody is paying attention to something you feel is unworthy of notice. Or, conversely, nobody will treat you for what you perceive to be the true problem. This can be truly funny if, for example, you acquire a large growth that strikes you as perfectly normal, but concerns others. It may become an object of obsession for numerous doctors, some of whom you may recognize as a boss from work, a romantic partner, a peer from some sort of leisure pursuit, etc. The darker version of this is feeling genuinely ill and being unable to receive treatment for it.


 Hotels – Hotels are great places. A cheap hotel is the epitome of tackiness and indecency, while a nice hotel is the picture of elegance, wealth, and romance. To dream of a hotel usually brings you to one of these two poles of awareness. Either you are hiding-out of guilt or adultery-or you are basking in the power of wealth or romance.

A third option may come from how connected you feel to the world. If the hotel is a residential or transient hotel, you may feel insecure about your economic condition or the relationships that govern your life.

Do you have or find a room, or is there No Vacancy?

Your feelings of inclusion, separation, or identification with others may be connected to the hotel event in the dream. 


Infestation — Being overrun, even by a desirable commodity, is an undesirable experience. Even good things can get carried away. Many times, we feel as though our lives our out of control. In dreams, having an infestation of a particular person, object, insect, or animal may be a pictorial representation of feeling overwhelmed.

If the infestation comes from a positive event, it may be a warning from your subconscious that other necessary obligations are being neglected due to your consumption by a singular activity. If the infestation is a categorically negative image, such as rats or mosquitoes, it may be that your life is getting severely undermined. Is the infestation happening in your home, car, or other intimate place?

Are there any others present?

Intimacy – Intimacy is one of the primary dream emotions. Many times our dreams include elements of intimacy with others whom we desire, or intimacy that escapes us. These dreams reflect our desires for connection to the others in our world. Intimacy with others is not always a synonym for sexual desire in this case. Rather, it can be the feeling of emotionally connecting with others, or, feeling unable to do so. The central interpretive questions are: Do others respond to your overtures for intimacy? Do you seem unable to connect as deeply as you would like? Do you not feel the urge to respond to another’s advance for intimacy?

If you dream of romantic intimacy without being able to fulfill it, there maybe unarticulated concerns about your self-esteem, since one’s sexual attraction is important to one’s sense of overall confidence.

Are you feeling as though people care about you? Or is your love, platonic or otherwise, unrequited? Insight into this dream may become more apparent as you consider whether the object of your desire is a parent figure, child figure, or romantic interest.

 Did the wound come to you randomly, from your own actions, or from another person? Does the infection carry a sense of fatal dread or just discomfort?

Dreams about gardens may be metaphors for your perception of your life. Well-ordered or over-run, productive or dying on the vine, such dream images reflect how we feel about ourselves.

Often a garden makes up the setting for a dream in which other factors take precedence; however, the fact that your dream takes place in a garden is also significant in a minor sense

Ironing – The iron is a pretty mundane item and a generally despised chore. Feeling a little like Cinderella, you may be wondering if your life will ever be exciting. The iron can also be a symbol of conflict or servitude if the ironing is not for ones own benefit.

Usually, a dream involving ironing is just a mundane dream that may cause you to realize how mundane your life has become and possibly encourage you to try something new.

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