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Dream Dictionary J-L

Jokes – Jokes are funny because of the element of truth contained in them. In dreams, we may access our own sarcasm or humor about our circumstances. However, we may have characters in our dreams that make jokes that we do not find at all amusing. These may reflect our own ambivalence or a need to lighten up because we are not enjoying ourselves as we could.

Juggling – Most of us go through seasons of life that create the feeling of juggling-having responsibility for more objects than we can reasonably handle.If you successfully juggle alone, or for no particular reason, this may reflect the desire or feeling that you actually are controlling numerous facets of your life. Often, we are juggling publicly and being judged for our success in doing so. In these juggling dreams, the audience is key. Perhaps the audience consists of people to whom you should be delegating tasks or from whom you feel unreasonable expectations.  

Who is watching you juggle, and what is your relationship with them in waking life? How well are you juggling, and how does the audience react?

Journey – The journey is often a symbol for trying to find what is needed to bring life into equilibrium. This is the task of finding one’s place in the universe. It could also be characterized as the archetypal search for the most authentic self. In either of these metaphors, there is the idea that our souls tend to be a little restless at times. The journey is the task of finding out what the soul needs to quiet that restlessness.

In waking life, this is played out by the need for a change of feeling that crops up every now and then. The process of individuating yourself from the expectations and influences of others conjures feelings along these lines. In dreaming, we often travel alone, leaving others behind by choice or necessity, to find what our next task is.

Along the way, who we meet and what we partake in may reveal much about where our individual struggle is in the waking, conscious self. We may encounter strangers with whom there is an adversarial relationship or a romantic one. We may encounter mystical strangers who unlock unknown powers within us or withdraw particular powers from us. In either case, the journey is our personal goal, and how we experience others during the process says much about the relationships of our waking world.

Is your destination known to others, or held in confidence?

Do others invite you to accompany them, vice versa, or are you on a solitary trip?

Can others direct you, or are you traveling to an unknown place? Answers to these questions influence the meaning of the dream in your life.


Jury – If you dream of being on a jury, you may feel that an important decision needs to be made in your life, or that you need to help a friend or loved one make a decision.

If you find yourself on trial before a jury, you likely are experiencing some sort of pressure or judgment form others in your waking life.


Keys – Keys stand for power and access. To lose one’s keys in a dream is to be out of control or lack the means of access. It may symbolize that you feel unable to acquire what is needed to complete a task or obtain access to persons or knowledge.

To find your own keys is to assert your own power in a given situation. You have the ability to be captain of your destiny, so to speak.
What is most interesting is to find a key that previously had no meaning for you. This is especially important when the key has no direct use, but feels as if it might be important. In a dream like this, you are probably searching for options to identify new potential within yourself or in relationship to others.

Who was with you when you found the key and with whom did you share the discovery in your dream? There will be numerous clues in the answers to these two questions.KidnappingKidnapping is a powerful image for us because it includes strong victimization and loss-of-power issues. Someone who is kidnapped goes from being in control of their own destiny to being completely in the hands of another.

If you are dreaming of being kidnapped, the obvious questions are: What is the condition of your captivity; and by whom are you held?

If you cooperate with your captors, you may want someone to take control of an untidy section of your life. However, you may feel as though your autonomy has been so severely compromised that you lack the ability to manage the situation.

If your captors are somehow familiar, this may reflect a sense that life has entrapped you. Where did your abductors take you and how? Your subconscious may be showing you an area where your life has become excessively entangling to your autonomy.

It may be that somehow your kidnapping allows you to separate from your environment and start again. Perhaps you want a second chance and do not have the courage to take one. By having yourself kidnapped, you have an excuse to act or behave unusually and blame you captors for it. 


Lactation – Lactation is an interesting dream symbol since it is uniquely women who participate in this activity in waking. Dreams about lactation may reflect archetypal gender identity concerns. A woman who dreams of this may see herself as fulfilling a mothering role. This may be literal, as in wish-fulfillment, or figurative, as in mothering a man in a romantic relationship.

Some women have anxiety about their ability to provide adequate milk after childbirth. In these instances, dreams of feeding a child may be visualizations of these concerns.


Ladder – The ladder may indicate access to high places in this life or access to special places in the universe. It is also sometimes an object you fall from when you have dreams that include the falling sensation.

The central idea of a ladder is gaining special, albeit precarious, access to other places. Such access often carries with it the possibility of a dramatic loss of ability or favor with the prevailing influences of the situation.

If you are in a situation that requires you to obtain a ladder, it may be that you see yourself as inadequate in your current means. The limitations of height and gravity are acutely felt in this world. If your dreams do not offer you the possibility of flight, the ladder is often the only solution to the problem.


Loss of Sensory Ability or Motor Ability — Images also include Blindness, Deafness.Usually, this is a very symbolic event in a dream.

Another scenario for loss of a sensory ability is to exchange it for something or someone else. The old saying, I’d give my eye teeth for … articulates the human willingness to exchange one ability or attribute for something else of value. There are many times when our minds use the principle of exchange to help us verify the relative worth of relationships or objects.

There can also be a distinct martyr image attached to this kind of loss. This is especially true when the dream includes loss of ability through some potentially painful means. The loss may be seen as an exchange for something that was gained during the dream or in waking life.


Lost Feeling – Many times, life feels like a journey. Not surprisingly, in dreamland, the journey becomes confused. This may be a simple reflection of a dream that did not make sense or a dream story that did not seem to go anywhere.

However, there are two ways to become lost, both of which say a lot about how we view ourselves in waking. First is being lost because you have choices and lack the ability to know which one to make. This may include dreams of driving a car, mall dreams, amusement park dreams, or other dreams where opportunities become uncertain. The other version of feeling lost is isolation, or a sense that motion is not leading to progress. Which image of feeling lost most accurately conveys your awareness in the dream?

If you are lost due to choices, you may be at a point in life where you are unsure of what you want. This may include vocational, relationship, or personal values that seem up-for-grabs. It may also reflect an inability to see where a particular choice will take you if you make it.

If you are lost due to motion that does not lead to progress, you may be pretty ambivalent about whether your waking life is meaningful. Your ability to feel effective in life is being compromised in some area that needs a little examination.


Luggage – Talk of emotional baggage has become very common nowadays. This contemporary term has given rise to a new way of experiencing relationships with you and with others. Dreams of cumbersome baggage often represent a life that is too cluttered, or one that lacks reasonable emotional boundaries.

To dream of a mysterious piece of luggage may indicate something that is hidden, such as a secret or an idea.

Does the luggage in your dream seem to get in the way?

Are you very nervous about losing a piece of luggage that you are carrying around for no apparent reason? This may mean that you should take stock of things that you are holding onto-maybe there is something that you can safely dispose of that will lighten the load.


LyingIf you are fairly comfortable lying in waking life, then your dream is probably showing you a weakness in some area that needs to be compensated. How you choose to do this will be your business. Quite probably, you are more concerned about how others perceive you than the actual appreciation of yourself for who you are. This is especially true if your dreaming lies are being discovered.

Are you regularly lying to a particular person in waking life?

Do you find yourself exaggerating the truth or outright lying to win acceptance from others in waking life?

Do you feel others are intentionally deceiving you concerning their motives or intentions?

Is there an inner self that you feel would not be embraced if people knew you too well?


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