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Our Store

Hello & welcome to the Miracles n Magic Store. We will be happy to help you with any of your needs. Just ask.

We accept Paypal and Money Orders, sorry no Personal Checks.

If you choose to pay with Paypal just click on the donate button below. It will take you to a page were you can pay. Please put what you want in the box that says purpose. If you want more than 1 chart indicate how many. Also please email us the required info, once payment is made.

If you choose to pay by Money Order please email us which chart would like you along with the required info & we will give you the address to mail the Money Order to. Thanks.

Astrology/Birth Chart    $30 per individual chart
$15 per chart for 2 or more

(i.e. yours & your children or other family members)
To do this we will need the Name, Date of Birth (month, day, year), Time (hour, minute, am/pm; optional) and Place (city, state/providence, country) of each person that you want done. We can also do Charts for your pets… after all they are part of your family too.

We have teamed up with a designer, L and R Birthcharts. They do great work!!! Each chart will come in a book form, which will have your Sun Sign design on each page for an additional $10 for 1 & $5 for each additional,  please include this in the price & indicate that you want the keepsake book. If you do not want the book we will simply email your charts to you.

Personality Chart
$15.00 per chart

Basically, what this is is a brief description of someone’s personality, based on the Sun Sign, Moon Sign & the Ascendent; also know as the Rising Sign. These 3 sign are what makes up most of the personality, if you want something more depth we recommend the Birth Chart above. This is great if you meet someone that you like & want to get to know a little bit about what makes this person tick. For this we will need, Name, Date of Birth (month, day, year), Time (hour, minute, am/pm; optional) and Place (city, state/providence, country) of the person you want to know more about.

Dream Interpretations
$10.00 per dream

You can either post the dream on 1 of our dream pages or you can email it directly to us, if you do not want others readers to see your dream. If you choose to post the dream on 1 of our dream pages, please email us letting us know that you have posted it and that you want it interpreted and your method of payment.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@hotmail.com


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  1. Hey thats a great idea!! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes.

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