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How Water Can Help You

January 14, 2009

Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great day. Today we are going to talk about  water & how it can effect your life. Did you know that in Feng Shui, Water is the element associated with how well everything in your world is ‘flowing?’ If there is struggle in your career or job […]

The Meanings of the Houses

December 2, 2008

Hi all, hope you all have a great day.  Today, I am going to explain the meanings of the astrological houses. Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to the houses, I know the first time I heard it I was. Honestly it’s not really that hard. Here is a brief explanation of each of the houses: The […]

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

November 10, 2008

Hey everyone, we are back. sorry about the break in posting, as I said yesterday it has just been crazy here. We got a lot accomplished though & are right on schedule. As promised today we are going to be talking about the next Sun Sign in the zodiac…Capricorn. The chart below was taken from […]