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Moonstone Moods

April 19, 2010

Hello everyone hope you have all been enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I have. Today we are going to talk a little about the Moonstone. It is closely associated with the Moon, as suggested by its name. It is also known as a sacred goddess stone  & is considered to have many of the powers […]

Natural Forms of Quartz

September 26, 2009

Hello everyone hope you all have a great day, another beautiful day here. Today we are going to finish up talking about crystal quartz. Did you know that the word quartz came from the Old Saxon querklufterz which means “cross-vein ore.” Natural pieces of quartz crystal display characteristic cracks especially in larger specimens. Perfectly clear […]

The Magic of Clear Quartz

September 22, 2009

Hey everyone, hope you all have a great summer. It has been a productive one here @ Miracles n Magic. We have made some changes to Our Store. We are now only offering Astrology Charts. We teamed up with a designer, they do excellent  work. Today we are going to talk about The Magic of Clear […]