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Life Pinnacle Numbers

January 5, 2009

Hello everyone, hope you all have a great day. Today’s post is going to help you calculate your Life Pinnacle Numbers. They are based on the calculation of you Life Path Number. A Pinnacle is an experience that occurs over a specific time in your life. It is thought that each person has 4 pinnacle periods […]

Life Cycle Number

January 2, 2009

Hi again, today’s post is the next installment of your Numerology chart. It’s the Life Cycle Number. The Life Cycle is divided into 3 major cycles. Each cycle is broken down into 28 years. Your Life Path Number is will determine when you change from one cycle to the next. Early Life Cycle – any time […]

Life Challange Number

December 28, 2008

Hi everyone, I want to start off today’s post by thanking everyone for reading our blog. We have had our best month so far, we have taken over 1,000 hits & the month isn’t even over yet. Most of those hits are due to a site called alphainventions. From what I am getting from this site is […]

Life Path Number

December 9, 2008

Hi all, Today we are going to get back into Numerology. It is considered to be an occult art. It is fairly easy to use, all you need is your date of birth & your legal birth name. With these two bits of information you can unlock all the secrets that your numbers hold. Numerology use 11 […]