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More Astrological Keys

September 22, 2010

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying your day. For today’s post we are going to continue with the Astrological Keys, hope you enjoy. Glossary of Aspects An aspect is simply the relationship between 2 planets & is based entirely on how main degrees apart they are in the chart. Remember that the horoscope circle […]

Lunar Nodes; The Dragon Head & Tail

February 18, 2009

Hello everyone hope you are all having a great day. Sorry I havn’t been around for a few days. I have been working on an old online business that I am  starting up again.  Today I am going to discuss the Head & Tail of Your Dragon. There are two Lunar Nodes in your birth […]

Day of the Month Number

November 21, 2008

Hello everyone hope you all have a wonderful day. Today we are going to discuss Numerology. The Day of the Month Number, is sometimes called your Personality or Character Number. This number is strongly associated with you Life Path NUmber which we will discuss in a later post. To calculate this number simply, take the […]