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Soul Mates & Love Mates

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day. I am still trying to kick this damn cold. Its very slowly going away. Today’s post is going to be about Past Lives, more specifically your soul mates & Love mates.

Soul Mates

Understanding & healing emotional difficulties, most which have their roots in past lives, can help you to improve the quality of your relationships. Our current partners, who are are karmic counterparts, can give us the chance to complete unfinished tasks that we may have in this life & also to help us release negative thoughts & emotions that intrude in out daily lives. Those that you have a relationship that has originated in a past life is called your “soul mate.”

Have you ever had a brief encounter that left such an intense impression that you could never quite shake it? How many times have you caught a brief glimpse of someone across a crowded room & felt an instant rapport, an inner knowing that you’ve encountered a kindred spirit? During that brief moment did you feel the need to rekindle the memories from the past that you shared & hold onto them forever.  Or has there ever been a time that you have meet someone and felt confused, uncomfortable or maybe even angry & not know why?

These meetings are part of a more complex web of intrigue that lies deep within our subconscious mind. It dictates the tapestries of events that weave their way throughout our lifetimes. Each past life relationship will determine how we interact with the people around us. They may cause us to feel intense love or desire for a person that we may encounter, or hatred, envy or spite for another. As these soul memories are aroused the relationships are rekindled. Almost everyone that we connect with in this life has been involved in many of our past lives. Possibly a brother, sister, parent, colleague, child, lover, or even an enemy.

The dynamics of our former-life situations are recreated in our present lives, they could be passionate, romantic, adventurous, angry, and vengeful. When we meet familiar souls in out present life it is to relive & rework the relationship. Those familiar eyes across the crowded room are often an inner reminder of a person whom we have chosen to interact with once more, and the encounter will provide us with the opportunity to re-experience those karmic bonds.

When we hear the words soul mate, we tend to think about Romeo & Juliet, Tristan & Isolde or Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy, couples who have found the perfect complement, becoming symbols of exquisite love that seem to transcend time & space. The term soul mate is commonly used to describe that one great love of your life, but can actually mean all the people in your life that you have been with in past lives & even in other demensions. This idea is based on the theory that you incarnate with the same circle of people.

When we meet our soul mates there is usually an instant rapport, recognition or maybe even repulsion. If you had a sexual liaison in a past life with someone you encounter in a present life, there is usually a physical attraction to that person. Although you will not always see eye to eye with your soul mates, there is that sense of familiarity in the relationship. You will often have a communication beyond logical explanation & a deep attachment, whether it be positive of negative, that is sometimes telepathic.

Love Mates

One of the greatest mysteries in the philosophy of reincarnation is the idea that everyone has a perfect partner, this person is called your love mate, dual mate, twin flame, and most often your soul mate. Researchers have found that even in religions dating back to the Stone Age, one of the main reasons for leading a positive life was so you could be reborn near your true love the next time.

A commonly held theory regarding love mates is that we were originally androgynous beings, souls that were neither male or female. At some point we were split in two & become either male or female energy but not necessarily two distinct bodies. These halves were then set forth into the Earth plane, a division of polarities growing & expanding, forever trying to reunite.

Those who believe this theory feel that there will be an increase in the search for & reunion with love mates in the coming years due to the increase in the vibratory rate of the planet. This accounts for the rise in relationships that transcend differences in race, age, gender, religion & social standing.

Sometimes a love mate can be in the spirit world rather than ina physical body, offering us asstitance from the  “other side.” This can account for the feeling that a loving presence in watching over you. In spite of the allure of waiting for tat so-called perfect love, it is a mistake to spend your whole life waiting for your “true” love. First of all, this will keep you from experiencing the joy in the moment because you’re living a waiting mode.  Second, love mates may not always have a smooth-sailing relationships, in fact, they can be quite stormy.

Hope you all enjoy your day & eventually find your Soul mate/Love mate. If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


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  2. Thanks, l’ll let my partner know lol..

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