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Understanding Your Flying Dreams

Hello everyone, Hope you all have a great day. I am so sick of this rain. I just havnt felt like doing much of anything. Sorry I havn’t been around lately I am doing so many other projects, its just been crazy. Today I am going to talk about flying dreams.

Dreams of flying can be interpreted in many ways, but the most general is that your spirit is rising high, freed from limitations or boundaries.  It can suggest that your mind is reaching new heights.  It is the search for and the exploration of possibilities that lie beyond the reality of your waking life.

Flying dreams often happen when there is opportunity for advancemnet in your life & might indicate optimism about your future. The best way to underatand a flyign dream is to assess the main components. Things such as how high you flew & whether the flight was easy or turbulent will give you an idea of how attainable your ambitions are in waking life.

Here are a few meanings of some common flying dreams:

Flying free — This means that you will achieve your ambitions easily. Only modest efforts are required to steer you to success. The area you are flying over can give you further clues — for example, flying over your home indicates domestic success, flying over your place of work suggests career success.

Sprouting wings — To sprout wings in a dream confers upon you the qualites of a visionary pioneer. The wings refer to ethics & principles of a higher order than that of human law. To dream that you have birds’ wings means that you will have the gift of foresight and may be able to fly into the future. Angelic wings suggest that you will soon hear news from an unexpected higher authoity.

Floating/flying at a low altitude — If you successfully managed to float/fly by flapping your arms & peddling your feet in the air, success is indicated through dogged but determined effort. The message here is to keep going & to stick to your guns. If there has been a bout of sickness or exhaustion, this dream promises relief from these problems.

Trying to take off & failing — This dream indicates that the spirit is frustrated, bogged down with the mundane aspects of life & unable to find a way forward. If you are trying to take off & fail to do so implies that an ambition may be veyond your reach. You would benefit from re-evaluating your goals.

Losing altitude — Flying successfully for a while, then losing control & drifting or falling back toward the Earth, suggessts that the ambition is waning or that you should become less of a high flyer. To experience erratic flying implies either fear of heights of success or ambivalance toward your ambitions.

Flying aided — Flying an airplane at a high altitude means you can expect recognition for the work you have done. Soaring in a glider implies that you will be supported in your endeavors through team effort. To fly on the back of a mythical creature such as Pegasus, the winged horse, suggests an armchair adventurer.

Flying toward the light — This is a very rare & unusual dream that refers to experiences that have been lost. It relates to reconnecting with an aspect of your past. Flying through a bright tlight toward someone who has died implies a nostalgic journey & that it is time to let go of memories.

Becoming hampered in flight — Generally speaking, this relates to setbacks or postponement of your aspirations or lack of confidence in your ability to reach goals. The conditions can give you clues as to the nature of the setbacks; strong winds, for example, suggest communication problems.

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