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Discovering Your Psychic Abilities

Hey everyone, We would like to welcome you to our Blog. Please read our About Miracles N Magic Section.  For our first post we decided to have some fun, this is a great quiz that we came across, in Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick by Ellen Dugan. (The quizzes and scoring results are taken directly from the book.) Hope you this helps you to discover your psychic abilities.

The quiz is broken into 5 parts, each part representing the 5 psychic abilities. It has a very simple scoring method that will give you an overall idea of where your strongest psychic powers are. Each section has 10 yes or no questions.

So go grab a piece of paper and fold it into 5 columns. On the top of each column write the topic heading (Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Precognitive Dreamer, Intuition or “Prophetic Knowing”, Empathy). Next number each column 1-10. Read each statement and answer yes or no. DON’T OVER THINK THESE STATEMENTS!! If the honestly apply to you then answer “yes”. If you start thinking then your answer is “no”.

Clairaudient Quiz


1. While I am speaking to friends, I know what they are going to say – before they say it. (yes/no)

2. As I begin to fall asleep, I hear a voice call my name. (yes/no)

3. I often hear a friend or family member’s voice in my head, even when they are not physically with me. (yes/no)

4. I hear key phrases or words in my mind that then play out immediately in real life. (yes/no)

5. When I am frightened or nervous about something, I hear a comforting and calming voice out of nowhere. (yes/no)

6. If I have a person’s name stuck in my mind all day, I typically receive a “surprise” phone call or visit from them. (yes/no)

7. I will have a song spontaneously pop into my mind that then provides me with insights or information for a particular problem. (yes/no)

8. I always pay attention to my “inner voice”. (yes/no)

9. I hear what other people are thinking. (yes/no)

10. It is essential to me to use the sounds of nature to unwind. (yes/no)

Clairvoyant Quiz


1. I regularly experience premonitions. (yes/no)

2. I feel that I can understand a pet or a loved one by looking into their eyes. (yes/no)

3. When I close my eyes, I can see actual images in my mind’s eye. (yes/no)

4. I mistrust people who will not look me in the eyes or who look away while speaking to me. (yes/no)

5. I am attracted to light-filled rooms and bright, sunny colors. (yes/no)

6. Visualization techniques come easy for me. (yes/no)

7. While being taught something new, I do better by being shown as opposed to being told. (yes/no)

8. I have expereinced a clairvoyant vision while I was awake and aware of my other surroundings. (yes/no)

9. I insist upon have fancy props and elaborate alter setups while I work my magick. (yes/no)

10. I would describe myself as visual type of person. (yes/no)

Precognitive Dreamer Quiz


1. I always remember my dreams, both good and bad. (yes/no)

2. I daydream in clear color pictures, complete with emotions and sound. (yes/no)

3. As I drift off to sleep, unexplained images regularly pop into my head. (yes/no)

4. I have precognitive dreams. (yes/no)

5. My “psychic dreams” tend to be clearer, louder, and more vivid in detail. (yes/no)

6. My dreams influence me during the daytime. (yes/no)

7. I consider the bedroom my sanctuary. (yes/no)

8. I enjoy working with symbolism as an integral part of my magickal practices. (yes/no)

9. I enjoy solving puzzles or figuring out a mystery. (yes/no)

10. I have a vivid imagination. (yes/no)

Intuition or “Prophetic Knowing”


1. I have experienced a foreboding feeling (which may be described as a “sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach” about a person, place or serious situation that then actually happens. (yes/no)

2. I tend to blurt out whatever comes to my mind without first thinking it over. (yes/no)

3. While driving, I often get a hunch about another driver — that they will do something dangerous or cause something to happen — and as I back off the other vehicle (just to be safe), it turns out i am correct. (yes/no)

4. I act on my “gut hunches,” which is followed by a positive affirmation that it was the correct thing to have done.

5. I rarely worry because I “just know” things will turn out all right. (yes/no)

6. I let my instincts guide me while searching for a book or other new item to purchase. (yes/no)

7. I make major decisions quickly and correctly, as if by instinct. (yes/no)

8. I wake up right before the alarm clock goes off in the morning. (yes/no)

9. While working magick, I follow my instincts, more than correspondences or guides. (yes/no)

10. I consider myself a quiet and contemplative type of person. (yes/no)

Empathy Quiz


1. As I enter a room, my first thoughts and impressions are usually about how the room “feels” to me. (yes/no)

2. I am easily influenced by other people’s moods and emotions. (yes/no)

3. Being in a large crowd makes me feel physically uncomfortable and bombardrd emotionally. (yes/no)

4. When I meet someone for the first time, I gather my impressions and assess them by how they make me feel, despite how the act. (yes/no)

5. I find the atmosphere in hospitals to be very uncomfortable, to the point where i feel physically ill. (yes/no)

6. I dislike and will try to avoid casual touching in social situations. (yes/no)

7. Having heirloom items or antiques in my home makes me feel uncomfortable because of the memories they carry. (yes/no)

8. I experience a feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” or tightening of the solar plexus area when i am contemplating the possibility of angry verbal confrontation or physical danger. (yes/no)

9. I am able to sense another person’s emotional state by touching them. (yes/no)

10. I have my feeling hurt very easily and am quickly moved to tears. (yes/no)

Now that you have taken all the quizzes, add up the scores. Add each column individually. Give yourself 2 points for each “yes” and 0 points for each “no”. The area that you scored the highest in is the area that your psychic abilities are the strongest.

If you scored 0-8


My friend, you have some work to do! You don’t often pay attention to you psychic abilities, or perhaps you lack faith in them. You may sense something but are often at a loss as to how to tune in and understand the messages you receive. Now, it may simply be that this particular psychic ability is not your area of expertise, or you may need to open up your mind a bit and explore all the possibilities…time will tell.

If you scored 10-14


You are usually in touch with this psychic sense, even though you may not understand what is happening. Confidence is the keyword here. Keep track of your experiences, and document and validate them. In time, a pattern will emerge, and you will begin to comprehend you individual intuitive skills better than you ever imagined.

If you scored 16-20


You are are very aware that you ave psychic abilities and rely on this particular talent often. While you may not have much practical experience combining them with magick, this shouldn’t be hard for you to dive into.

Hope these quizzes have helped you to find the ares that your psychic abilities are the strongest. Keep practicing on those areas where you scored low. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net


2 Responses to “Discovering Your Psychic Abilities”

  1. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and engaging, andd let
    me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The prolem is something too few
    men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I stummbled across this inn my search for something regarding this.

  2. I got a 36

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