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Gemstones & Crystals M-Q

Hello everyone hope you are all having a great day. Its cold & rainy here, today we are going to contine with the gemstones & crystals.

Malachite — This is a light to dark greenish stone, malachite can  be attached to a child’s crib to improve sleep or it can be carried  for protection,specifically to remain aware of any forthcoming dangers or problems.

Moldavite — Known to energize psychic talent, quickens spiritual evolution. Although it is not neccssarily used in magickal practices, many people who wear it claim it affects them in a positive way.

Moonstone —  This stone is under the rule of the Moon & bears very similar energy to the lunar sphere. It is used to motivate foresight, psychism, inventiveness & nurturing abilities, and to enhance the vividness of dreams & dream recall

Obsidian — One of the favorite stones used for scrying mirrors, and sacred to the partoness of Witches, Hecate.

Onyx — For banishing & absorbing negative energy.  Good for grounding during magickal work. Helps to break deeply ingrained habits, whether physical or emotoional. Wear onyx when facing adversaries in figurative or literal battle.

Opal — For those born in October, opal is a luck stone that improves memory.

Pearl — Pearls are sacred to Isis in Egypt & Freya among the Saxons, they are also a symbol of the Goddess, the moon, and the water element. Pearls are suited to spells focused on love, happiness & prosperity.

Peridot (chrysolite) — When set in gold, this gem turns away evil, nightmares & malevolent magick.

Quartz — An all-purpose magickal stone, quartz represents infinite potential. The color of the quartz often varies its applications.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net.


2 Responses to “Gemstones & Crystals M-Q”

  1. I like it so much,

  2. The leaf sapphire drop earrings are awesome! Also, thhe green amethyst (two styles) and tanzanite
    drop earrings.

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