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A Few Notable Quotations: Herbs

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day. It’s pretty rainy here, but I don’t mind the rain all that much. In fact I find it to be rather cleansing. After all it is Mother Nature’s wayof cleansing the Earth, so why can’t it cleanse us as well. Just my theory, anyway on today’s post. I decided to make today’s post rather simple, but still great. Today I am going to give you some of my favorite quotes regarding herbs.

A man’s nature runs
either to herbs, or to weeds;
therefore let him
seasonaly water one,
and destory the other.
Sir Francis Bacon

Elecampane will the
spirits sustain.
Latin saying

Much Virtue in Herbs
little in Men.
Benjamin Franklin

As for Rosemary, I let it run
all over my garden walls,
not only because my bees love it
but because it is the herb sacred
to remembrance & to friendship
whence a sprig of it
hath a dumb language.
Sir Thomas More

Sage helps the nerves
and by its powerful might
Palsy is cured and
fever put to flight.
French saying

Thou pretty herb of Venus’ tree
Thy true name it is Yarrow
Now who my bosom frined must be,
Pray tell thou me to-morrow.
Halliwell’s Popular Rhymes

To comfort the brain
smell camomile, eat sage,
wash measurebly, sleep
reasonably, delight to hear
melody & wining.
William Ram

Let food be your medicine and
medicine be your food.

Excellent herbs
had other father old,
Excellent herbs to ease their pain.
Rudyhard Kipling

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