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Saturn: Planet of Discipline & Limitation

Hello everyone, hope you all have a great day. I am going to be heading out soon to enjoy this nice weather. Today we are going to talk about the sixth planet from the sun and the most remote planet in our solar system, Saturn. It measures 75,000 miles. 

 Saturn is known to be the planet of responsibility so it symbolizes the ethics of hard work. Through its influence, a person’s character is strengthened through trial and difficulty. It’s been told Saturn disciplines us until we learn to discipline ourselves.

Are you able to stick with tasks? At times do you feel beset by problems or see obstacles at every turn? Do other people call you stubborn? Have you ever felt lonely or depressed? If you answered yes to aany of these, then you have felt Saturn’s presence in your life.

The planet is named after a Titan-God who was also a father of Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. It’s also a symbol for Father Time, since he brought an end that had a beginning.

Saturn is also a planet of thoroughness, self control and limitation. Its dominion is patience, stability, maturity and practicality.  Its influence is stern and restrictive, cold and harsh. Saturn is known as the Celestial Taskmaster. It is one that teaches us lessons that we have to learn in life. It does not give us more than we can handle, although at time it seems lie it.   Sometimes the effort itself is the reward, it builds character! In the end, what we learn, we’ll keep the rest of our lives.

In your chart, Saturn’s position tells how well you accept responsibility, whether you are self disciplined, what setbacks and opposition you can expect. When Saturn is prominent, you tend to be reliable, trustworthy, and patient. It gives the power to endure, provides stubbornness, and perseverance to realize your potential.

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3 Responses to “Saturn: Planet of Discipline & Limitation”

  1. Thanks for the great stuff.
    Im enjoying the site.
    Keep up the awesome work.

  2. hello
    I dont have discipline sincerity in life. Im 25yrs old. trying my hands on business from the last 4 yrs but havent felt that have even earned a single penny so far.
    Please help me, guide me. my dob 26 aug 1984 and birth time is 8.20pm.


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