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Taboo – One very unusual thing about dreaming is that almost any object, person, or association can seem to project a taboo power. This taboo may be either negative or positive.

A taboo is something that contains intrinsic, potentially dangerous power that may be conjured and directed against oneself or another.

Generally, the object, person, or association is representative of a moral wrong. Guns, for example, may carry a sense of taboo power. So may some magical dream objects. Occasionally, a very common object may have taboo power in your dream because of some experience you have had with it in your waking life.

Many times, the taboo power does not exist in an object, but in a relationship transaction that violates a moral code (such as incest, marital infidelity, or theft). Others times, the symbol of taboo is something shrouded, such as a stranger that you instinctively knew not to mess with. All of these are taboo representations.

The key to dream interpretation is to discover why your particular taboo experience was revealed through the particular object or person in question. Dreams often have a peculiar rationale in their storylines. It is a product of childhood memory organization being overlaid with adult reasoning and moral subtlety. Sometimes, the moral subtlety of adulthood is tempered in dreaming by the absolute right and wrong of childhood. Consequently, taboo imagery can crop up almost anywhere in dream life.

These taboo moments should be treated with importance. Many times, our most self-destructive emotional or relationship patterns are seen most clearly in dreams. Your mind may be trying to warn you, through taboo images, to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Telephone – The telephone often appears in dreams as a link between you and other dream characters who are physically inaccessible, but influential on the dream outcome. Many times, you will know who is on the other end of the phone before you pick it up to speak in your dream. The way you connect yourself to others with the dream phone is important. To whom is also important. The phone is often called the next best thing to being there. Consequently, using the phone in your dream indicates that while a person is influential in you life, they are not as connected with you as perhaps they could be or you would like them to be

Theft – Ask anyone who has been a victim of theft and they will undoubtedly tell you how horribly violated they felt by the experience. In early childhood, we learn that to take a toy from another is taboo. Likewise, having a toy taken away hurts our feelings. However, sneakiness and acts of theft are common dream images. Whether you are the thief or the victim, there are several interpretations to explore. 

Thunder – Sound effects in dreams work much like movie soundtracks. Thunder in dreams may occur in scenes that otherwise preclude any storminess or threatening weather. When this happens, there is often psychological anxiety that things in the dream may not be as pleasant as they seem. This dream may occur if your relationships in the dream would have devastating consequences in waking life.


Tidal Wave — Dreams of impending disaster generally indicate that the dreamer is feeling out of control. In the case of the tidal wave, this out-of-control feeling is often combined with the need to make a fresh start..

Often to dream of a catastrophic event is to wish for a catharsis in real life. See Armageddon


Time Riddles – Timing and time riddles can be a difficult element of dream interpretation. Since dreams occur in a fantasy-like mind set, there are few controls on how time is perceived. One dream may seem to happen in real time: twenty minutes of events in a given REM cycle. Another dream may occur in a series of edited scenes that happen over the course of days, weeks, years, or an unfathomable period of time. Other dreams still may seem outside of any time constraints whatsoever.
One way to discern elapsed dream time is to simply recall the scenes and then try to identify any chronological changes. Another is to think about numbered items in the dream and associate that number with time periods in your life. If your dream watch says 5:15, this could be the time, the date, or an elapsed time between two ages; in this case, perhaps five and fifteen years old.
These riddles are both frustrating and wonderful. In them are the deeper nuances of dreaming. You may readily observe a cyclical pattern to life that repeats periodically. You may recall when your maturity or self-awareness changed and how long that transition took. Numerous insights are available in these ways.
Sometimes the aspect of time within a dream may affect the emotional milieu of the dream; a real time dream will probably offer a different emotional background than a scattered time dream.

Dreams of impending disaster generally indicate that the dreamer is feeling out of control. In the case of the tidal wave, this out-of-control feeling is often combined with the need to make a fresh start.This youth presented numerous complaints at the outset of counseling, all of which revolved around home life and the absence of his father. Upon further inquiry, the youth admitted that he was a drug abuser with sexual identity problems. He desperately wanted a second chance, feeling as though he had undermined his own life.

Often to dream of a catastrophic event is to wish for a catharsis in real life. See Armageddon

Time Travel – Time travel is a common dream event. There is rarely a time machine involved. Rather, the dream story simply unfolds in another era of time, past or future. These dreams often represent either the romance or hopes we attribute to moments other than our present. You may find that the dream stems from your desire to identify with particular mores of a time period or to influence certain events.
 If you spontaneously dream of going backwards in time, it is most likely a dream of romantic wish-fulfillment. The good old days seem to conjure images of heroism, nobility, morality, and social life that, while not altogether accurate, draw our admiration. Often there is a facet of your personality that you feel you could more easily tap into as a pioneer, statesman, damsel in distress, or some other stereotypical image of history.

Most times, the time travel is confluent with your particular image of an archetypal dream character. For example, if you are dreaming a warrior/hero archetype, you may personify yourself in the dream as a medieval knight.


Topaz – Topaz is the crystal of spiritual wisdom and intuition. Often, it is found in dreams of problem-solving concerning interpersonal relationships.


Transformation – Since most people are never completely satisfied with their physical appearance, transformation dreams come to us easily. We all see our ideal selves as in our minds. These ideal selves work into our dreams. Other times, you may transform into animal, not human, form. These transformations can have numerous expressions. You may see yourself as needing to assert a particular personality attribute. Other times, you may transform in order to disguise yourself. In these dreams, who you are disguising yourself from and why the particular animal is a good choice are interpretive issues.


Trial (Courtroom)Being on trial is a common dream event, although it sometimes gets acted out in uncommon ways. Our society is oriented towards problem-solving through litigation. The result is that lawsuits have become the new lottery of our era.

Being tried for your actions in dreams can be a non-sense sort of dream insofar as you may be tried for something against which there are no laws. In addition, the roles of the court characters may be filled by friends, co-workers, a spouse, siblings or other family members. In dreams of this case, you may fear that your life is being over-scrutinized in waking. There may be secrets that you are keeping deep within the subconscious that need to be processed.

If you are in one of the legal roles in your dream it is likely that you feel a need to protect yourself. This may be protection from the influences or dishonest conduct of others, or a general feeling that people are not leveling with you. If you are defending another, it may be that you feel life is taking advantage of you at some level. Your defendant will be a clue as to how this is occurring.

Where is the trial taking place — is it in a normal courtroom, or perhaps in your office or home? Do you get the sense that you have been wrongly accused of something? Do you feel that you will certainly be found guilty of something you know you did?


Trains – Trains are the cross-country transport of antiquity and therefore are often perceived as romantic. Dreams of this nature often reflect a hope for liaison on the part of the dreamer. The dream may unfold with the object of romance as a companion.

The train station, like the subway station, is the place of life choices in the dream.

Ugliness – In dreams, your body image can be a topic of concern personally or among the other dream characters. Only occasionally do these concerns accurately reflect actual physical attributes. More often, dreams of this nature may indicate paranoia about what others think of you. The central interpretive question is whether you conclude your own ugliness or whether others impose it on you. If you conclude your own ugliness, is this due to a particular change, such as being pregnant? In pregnancy, you may dream that you are being considered overweight by yourself or others.

Other changes that may influence your body image include a shift in physical or moral behavior, such as smoking, drinking, using drugs, becoming sexually active, or participating in sexual experiences you once considered taboo.

This dream is worth serious consideration as how we feel about our bodies is often a significant part of how we feel about ourselves overall as a person. If you are having recurring dreams of personal ugliness, then counseling for self-esteem or eating disorders may be worth considering.

Underwater – The great thing about dreams is that you can live anywhere. Being underwater can be a potentially threatening experience, as with drowning. However, it can just be the place you are, hanging out with the other dream characters.
Dreams of this nature may be wish-fulfillment, especially if you have an affinity for ocean life at some level. It may also be a desire for escape from the more mundane experiences of land-locked living .Perhaps the most interesting effect of underwater dreams is when the appearance of the dream environment seems as if it is underwater even when it is not. People may be moving in slow motion, you may feel particularly buoyant, or there may be aquatic life intermingled with the above-water scenery. In dreams of this type, the dreamer may be feeling a need to escape or slow down the pace of life in order to observe the circumstances more accurately.
If you have been underwater in a dream, do you recall feeling like it was a normal environment for you, or were you nervous in the situation? Uniforms – Dreaming of uniforms is most often a dream of self-awareness. Conformity through clothing is one of the unspoken rules of culture and we often perceive parts of our wardrobes as our uniform for particular roles we fill in life. In dreams of uniforms, it does not matter if the uniform is officially recognized or simply identical clothing on numerous persons.
If you are in uniform, and there are others dressed the same way, consider who is with you in the dream and what camaraderie you share with them. It may be that you are recalling a satisfying tenure in military service, employment, or identity with a particular group. If you are in uniform and others are not, it may reflect a feeling that you perceive yourself as more loyal than others.
A 24-year-old man reports dreaming: I am in the Navy. They have not trained me. I report to my ship with my only uniform, which is summer whites. Everyone around me is in dress blues. Nothing on the ship goes right.
This dreamer, a college student, was contemplating an officer’s commission in the navy. He was excited, but hedging his commitment. This dream reflected those concerns and warned him to examine the situation more closely.
Uniforms can also be a symbol of authority. Note the person wearing a uniform in your dream. Was it a logical situation for that person to be wearing a uniform? 
VictimThe awareness of crime in our society is creating sensitivity about the potential victimization we all face. Dreams of being victimized are common and on the increase. You can be victimized by almost anything in a dream: beating, rape, theft, murder, a monetary swindle, an abusive sibling, parent, spouse, partner, object … anything. Each means of being victimized carries with it certain explicit, as well as subtle, implications.


The primary considerations are how vulnerable a position were you in prior to the victimization occurring, and who was the aggressor.

Did a relationship that generated a sense of security suddenly turn evil? Was it a random act of violence committed by a stranger? Did you observe or have the feeling that the aggressor knew you or that you were somehow connected with them?

After these considerations are elaborated, turn inquiry to the specific crime and the implications of it.

Violence – In dreams, facets of personality that never get displayed in waking life can become quite animated. Nowhere is this more apparent than with violent behavior. The violence may be justified or random, but it is often extremely graphic. It is so graphic, in fact, that you should understand that this is normal-albeit disturbing-and that its presence is almost always an exaggeration of another point.
Violence can be an off-shoot of heroic behavior, especially in rescuing dreams. Terrorism in the news has made all of us aware that the enemies can be in our midst. Kidnapping dreams, escape dreams, and protecting dreams are other versions of this type of violence.
Violence may come unexpectedly, as well (suddenly, you are just stomping some poor guy’s head with no apparent provocation).
Often these dreams deal with repressed anger towards authority figures. While wanting to become physically aggressive toward others is a common desire, it should never be acted on in waking life, and it very rarely is. However, the dream releases the anger for you. If you have recurring dreams of this nature, you may want to consider a mediated session with the object of your anger; or re-arrange your circumstances.
If you are the aggressor, does the violence frighten you or make you feel powerful?  If you are the witness to violence, do you feel ambivalent to it or does it somehow affect you?  
Vulnerability – Vulnerability has numerous expressions in dreaming. Many times, dreams will begin with symbols concerning the dreamer in relationship to other dream characters. The symbols usually show the dreamer as being vulnerable to, in power over, intimate with, or estranged from other dream characters.


Situations in which the dreamer is vulnerable include dreaming of being asleep, being only partially clothed, being unable to communicate, or being physically limited through handicap or restraint. Dreams of vulnerability often resolve as rescue or victimization dreams.

Because your person (either physical or spiritual) is at risk in dreams of vulnerability, the exchanges and conclusion of this dream indicate much about your life and how you see it. You may want someone to come along and make things right, or experiencing a self- destructive pattern that needs resolution. This dream can often open your waking mind to ways out of the position that has you in a subservient or defensive posture.

When feelings of vulnerability arose in your dream, where were you? Did you try to escape or did someone try to protect you? 

Vulture – This is the ultimate scavenger. If you dream about a vulture, it may be that you are feeling like a bottom feeder or that others are picking your bones clean. It is seldom a comforting dream or herald of good prospects for the future. A vulture appearing in your dream can also be symbolic of loneliness.

Was the vulture eating or hovering over the feast of other animals? What was it eating?

If you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to email us at miraclesnmagic@comcast.net and we will be happy to help you out.

As a thief, you could be feeling a lack of resources or an unfairness about the distribution of resources. For example, if you dream of stealing essentials — bread, food, items needed to survive the dream environment — you may see yourself as a pauper. In waking, this may play out as behavior that isolates you or leaves you feeling as though you have no choices.

However, dreaming of stealing from people you know may reflect a perception that you feel their lives are better than yours, even though you do not perceive them as better people.

As the victim, fear of loss seems to be a possible theme. The suspect list in the dream will help refine this further. If you are the victimized and the stolen items are central, then material loss is creating anxiety. However, if the lost items are of secondary importance to the suspect, you may feel as though someone you know is violating or taking advantage of you. Still, it is important to consider the objects taken and their significance to you. What the objects symbolize for you may indicate the area or life where your boundaries are being violated and help find solutions to reestablish yourself.


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  1. hey. i saw your site while i was looking for the meanings of my dream. i found out im beng”troubled.” last week i began dreaming that the world was endng. i was in school and everyone was freaking out looking for their families. i tried to call my mother but she didnt answer. i assume she died. it was pouring and thundering very loud. i got in a car full of strangers and then i woke up. this week i dreamt i murdered my father and my friend murdered hers so that i wouldnt go to jail alone. we ten confessesed and got sent to a mental rehab center. also, today i woke up and remembered i dreampt that a family was trying to murder me and my sisters. i tried to call 911 but they interfierred with my cell phone line somehow. i remember a very tall man trying to strangle me and his daughters hitting my siters wit hammers. we managed to run away. i woke up and after a few minutes fell back asleep the had a dream i was ingaged but a midet tried to kill my mother. can u help me decode my dreams please?

  2. I am always having dreams of someone hurting me or my kids

  3. In my dream my sister sits on my bed watching for awhile tells me she is on the other side has passed from that dreadful thing even though she is alive in real life.

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